Saturday, August 16, 2014

Poor Neglected Blog


Oh my, oh me, oh my. I have fallen so behind here. And I don't have a really good excuse why. Life. That's what. But, the reason I like to keep this up is so I can sort of chronicle life, so I'm not doing so hot right now. Quickly, with hopefully more to follow soon, here is a snapshot update of what has happened in our lives since my last post on June 4th:

 - LM played a season of t-ball

 - BB was baptized

 - BB is almost 6 months old

 - We went on our annual excursion to Colorado where Mommy worked and the boys played

 - S got a new job!!!!!!

 - That job is in the Chicago-Milwaukee region

 - I have left my job after almost ten years, and am home full time for at least six months

 - LM turned 4, and we had a whiz bang party to celebrate

 - As part of those festivities, my dad and Torchy, as well as nieces Cora and Veda came for a visit

 - We "decluttered" our house and then this very talented woman "staged" it to look fabulous and like no one lived in it

 - We listed our house in Dallas

 - We sold our house in Dallas on the same day it was listed

 - S started his new job

 - We traveled to Chicago to look at the area and try to find a home

 - We took a short jaunt to Indy between looking for houses in Chicago. That'll now be about a four hour drive

 - We are getting quotes on moving by the end of this month to a corporate apartment until we have a house

 - We are saying lots and lots and lots of good-byes

 - And some other things I'm forgetting right now, but I am sure were also significant, if I were to remember them.

And none of this is made up. Ha! We've been busy. Life altering busy. And clearly there is a lot to talk about here. So, more to come.

See you soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Soccer Team Photo


Finally received this "official" photo from LM's soccer team this past spring. As you will remember, he didn't want to be in this photo. That greenery behind them is where he was hiding. And, apparently when forced into a photo not of your liking, it's appropriate to hang on the neck of your shirt. Ahem.

See you soon.

Monday, June 2, 2014


One of his spring preschool photos.

A first of many posts, I'm sure - I'm trying to be more deliberate in capturing these things my firstborn child says...the logic, creativity and inquisitiveness of his three year old mind. Here are a few recent incidents...

In his new "big boy" pajama bottoms.

Recently, LM went with his father to get S's truck inspected, required annually here in our fair state. They were sitting in the waiting room while that procedure was underway. This entire establishment could probably fit inside my living room and den, so the amount allotted to waiting is very small. Apparently, they were sitting in this space with one other person - a woman in workout clothes. S reports "she" was definitely  a "she" - but this did not stop LM from asking, in his loud LM three-year-old voice - "Daddy, is that a BOY or a GIRL?" S answered, "it's a girl" - and then LM turned around to check this info out again for himself, staring at the woman, while S tried to melt into the floor.

These are clearly phone photos...I wish they were better.

LM finished up his soccer season back in May. His coach is a photographer, so instead of the official team portraits, he set up his camera to take the team photo at the last practice. The kids were told to wear their team uniforms to said practice. While getting dressed in his uniform, LM expressed that he did not want to be in the team photo. We told him he had to be in the photo.

Fast forward to practice - the kids all lined up for the photo, S started talking to a parent for a moment, and when he looked back, LM wasn't there. So, he began looking for him - he looked for quite a few moments before finding him, hidden, in the bushes behind the photo area, standing completely still, so as not to be noticed. This is what he was doing to not have to be in the photo...S retrieved him and he was indeed in the photo...we don't have a copy of it because we missed the team party when we were in Indiana, but we hope to get one soon.

BB has the same aversion to riding in the car as LM did when he was a small baby - if the car is going, he's fine. If the car stops, he cries. One afternoon when we had been running errands and were all ready to be home, we had hit several red lights, and the crying from BB ensued. So, as we approached what was going to be yet another red light, S turned the truck into a retail parking lot and began driving in circles. LM asked what we were doing. S told him we were going to hit the red light, so he was driving in the parking lot to avoid having to listen to BB cry. LM's immediate response was, "Why don't we do this all the time?"   Touche, young man.

In his "basketball outfit" which is on his body anytime it's clean.

One day we were talking to LM about his day, and he was telling us about his karate class at school. He was telling us who went to karate with him, out of his larger class. Max and Harrison go, as well as Syeed, he said. Then he stopped and asked me, "Mommy, what color would people call Syeed?" I said, "People would call him 'black'." He said Syeed was more brown. I said that he probably was, but that what people would call him, which was his original question, is black. Then he asked what color we were. I told him people would call us white. He said, "No, we are tan." I said, well we might be more tan, but people would call us white. Then he said, "Well, YOU are white, but me and Daddy are tan." Uh-huh. OK.

Similarly, LM recently gained a new teacher - a Miss Jackie. His beloved infant teacher is also named Ms. Jackie - that Ms. Jackie is black and one of our favorite people on the planet. This Miss Jackie is white. When he introduced S to her one day, he said, "This is Miss Jackie - not our Miss Jackie, but the one that is the same color as we are." Clearly noting skin color is a "thing" at the moment. The thing I am glad of is that he doesn't think this is any different than noting eye color, clothing color or anything else - it's just one more descriptor in his wheelhouse - not a reason to think differently about someone. I hope the world does ever not corrupt him into thinking otherwise.

Fun with Dad

We headed out to a part of town we don't make it to often to catch Alexandra's first skating competition a couple of weekends ago. On the way there we were getting twenty questions from LM about where we were headed - what was Alexandra going to be doing, would we be participating, what would she be wearing, why was she skating, how would they compete, etc. And, where were we going, of course, was one of the questions. We said we were going to an indoor ice rink facility. He asked if it was the one at the mall - the rink where he had seen her skate at Christmas. I said no, it was not, that this one was just inside a building. He said, ok, but is that BUILDING called a MALL? Um, no. We're not tricking you, son. it really is NOT the same ice rink.

So, there are a few LM-isms for today. Hope to do some more catching up on the blog in the coming weeks.

See you soon.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Three Months Old


Last Sunday, BB turned 3 months old. Time is flying around here people! The first year goes so fast, and then again, not so fast too. We are still night feeding twice a night, and that is not going by fast. Ha.  But, otherwise, fast it goes!


What have we learned about this boy in the last month? Well, he is still a good eater, and a happy boy. He loves his parents, and seems especially tuned into his Mama. If I am in the room, he follows my movement and if he hears my voice, he clues right into it. 

Brainwash 'em early, I always say

The baby boy loves to watch his parents and "talk" to us - he likes to make noises and smile  - and he likes to play the "tongue" game - you put your tongue out and in, and he mimics your movement. If you do some other movements, he watches very closely to see if he can figure out what you are doing. 

This has become our miracle pooping cure.

He is a little bit prone to not pooping on a regular basis, shall we say. After one four day stint with no poop - and see, here we go again, talking about poop just seems so normal - I called the doctor's office and spoke with a nurse. She informed me a breastfed baby can go 7-10 DAYS without pooping. Wow, I thought. But she did say if we wanted to try some pear juice - 1 to 2 ounces - it might get things going again. So, we did. He ate one ounce. Two hours later - poop! This happened one more time - the four days without poop - and once again, the pear juice came to the rescue like a miracle worker. And, since then, no issues. 

His new over stimulation center aka activity mat.

Funny faces

Serious boy with the blue eyes.

BB has still not  dropped a nighttime feeding. This is starting to frustrate and wear thin on his Mama. She is not getting enough sleep to be a proper human while back at work - and I am back at work - so here's hoping he drops one soon. LM dropped one, like a textbook baby, at 10 weeks, and my work life fared much better under this scenario. But, even sleep deprived, this Mama cannot stay frustrated so very long when she snuggles with her sweet boy.

Love when I get this one looking up at me. 

Looks so much like LM at this age in this photo.


During the last month, we also traveled to Indiana for BB to meet all of his Hoosier relatives. One day I might even put up some photos from that visit! He was such a good boy while we were there really, given that we carted him to and fro, with no real deference to his schedule whatsoever, except that we tried to feed him regularly. He had to sleep on the go - and he did, for the most part. On a couple of days, he was over tired and the late feeding became a cry fest, but other than that, this boy was (and is) mellow and incredibly flexible. 

Looking like LM here too, I think.

Three months on Nana's quilt.


LM is still enormously enamored with his little brother. He smothers him with attention - my mother reports I was the same way with my little brother. Then, on another day, I was talking with my dad about LM's "spirited personality" and my dad reported I was that way too at his age. Goodness - God bless them both. Ahem. But back to BB - the short way to say it is - add LM to the long list of BB lovers - in fact, put him at the top.

I love this one.

In this one, I feel they already know they are placating their mother with the photos.

So, another month in this whirlwind first year is behind us, and we look forward to all the happy memories to come with our special Baby Boy.

See you soon.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Two Months Old


On April 25th, BB turned two months old. Here are some photos of his time over the last month, and some things we have learned about him:

The Dunlaps met BB

He likes to be swaddled, something his brother never enjoyed, and therefore also likes to be in the baby sling! Hands free baby!

And so did my friend Jill and her family!

And even Nana came back for a quick visit.

BB also was smiling at us and starting to coo during this month. He also seems to be able to sleep through just about anything. And, we were making progress with his sleeping on his own in the crib. He is now a champ at this, so much so that I don't mind sneaking in a nap or two with him because I know he'll sleep alone the next time. 

Five weeks on Nana's quilt


Sleep eluded me...

love this - BB and LM's hands

This was his preferred position  - starting to straighten out now.

Six weeks on Nana's quilt



Baby legs! Nothing cuter!


Seven weeks on Nana's quilt


Midnight feeding

Seriously, no sleep.
Thankfully, this is improving.


Eight weeks on Nana's quilt






Boo boos from 2 month shots...

Two months on Nana's quilt! 

He was just under 12 pounds and 23 inches at his check-up. This put him about the same length as LM, but a whole pound lighter. LM was (and is) always so solidly built - maybe BB will be slighter - time will tell!




Look at those blue eyes!

He grows and changes every day - and will be three months this weekend - so I had to get this post up! I have tons more to post, when I get a moment. We love this boy and are so blessed he is with us! 

See you soon.