Monday, November 17, 2008

Catholic Churches are the Prettiest

This past weekend, S was in the wedding of a good friend of his from graduate school. The wedding was at Christ the King Catholic Church here in Dallas. I had never been inside this church before, but man, is it beautiful! And, after this church, I've now officially decided, in my opinion, the Roman Catholics have the market cornered on most beautiful churches. I am not Roman Catholic for those of you wondering. And, yes, I've been in several beautiful Protestant churches of all denominations, not to mention Jewish, Greek Orthodox and Mormon places of worship that were all beautiful in their own ways. (Disclaimer: I have not been in a Hindu, Muslim, or Baha'i place of worship, or any other that I have not mentioned here, so by declaring this, I am not comparing Roman Catholic churches to those places of worship.) What I know for sure is I'm always blown away by the RC churches, and this was no exception.

S had to be at the church very early for photos, etc, so I dropped him off and went home to get ready myself. I arrived back at the church just as the evening mass was letting out. I took this free time to shoot the church inside and out. It was dark out, and you know I hate using a flash, so some of my outside photos did not come out. I also did not have my tripod with me and don't have a totally steady hand. But, some of them came out, and here they are!

Slightly blurry exterior shot of one of the stained glass windows.

An exterior side door.

One of the exterior front doors that leads to the sanctuary.

What you see upon entering the sanctuary.

A close-up of the Christ figure at the front altar.

One of the side hallways that leads to the Virgin Mary altar area.

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary from the main seating area.

A detail of one of the ceiling areas.

Detail of one of the chandeliers.

Another ceiling area through an archway.

Look at those cool art deco angels to the left of the altar.

The rear of the sanctuary, over the organ.

Don't you agree it is a beautiful and sacred space?

Tomorrow, I'll highlight the wedding festivities, some of which took place in this building. But, I was so taken by the building itself that I felt it needed it's own post. I hope you have enjoyed taking a peek at another beautiful Dallas Catholic church!

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