Thursday, December 4, 2008

White Rock Lake at Dusk, Part 2

So, today, I'm back with photos from my trip to the south side of the lake. It was getting a little later, and closer to actual sunset when I got around to this side of the lake. And, there were lots of clouds. But, some cool photos were captured, in my opinion, nonetheless.

That's downtown over there.

My goal, after driving through over here one night and viewing exquisite combinations of sunset and skyline, was to get something of the two. This shot, above, is the only one I thought was remotely worth including. There were just too many clouds over by downtown. It was sort of blah and gray. So, I moved on to other subjects.

First "other subject" - the sunset behind trees. The tree above was so symmetrical in a lot of ways, it makes a nice shadow.

Then, we have this one - I like this one a lot - this is a favorite set-up of mine - the tree on the side of the viewfinder, leaves at the top, "framing" the photo. I have one I took in Agrigento with an Olive tree and one of the Greco-Roman ruins in the "frame". Someday, I'll get my Sicily photos up here to share with you. Maybe it can be an one year anniversary post!

These colors were lovely, don't you agree?

I'm not entirely sure what the pretty-colored plant is. I thought maybe it was a Confederate Rose bush? Maybe it's just a weed. If you know what it is, please let me know. Then I can stop the endless Google-ing.

South shore near the spillway.

This photo was one of my favorites...the water was like glass, so I got a lot of reflection in the lake. Hard to believe that less than 15 feet from those trees was rush hour traffic, whizzing by. I'll stay on this side of the trees any day, thank you very much.

Tall grasses are native to these parts, take little watering, and look fabulous. I have some in my front flower beds at the house, if you'll remember. I'm a fan of the tall grasses, and native planting in general. I'm also a fan of these shots of the tall grasses, up close and personal. However, I'm not sure if I like the one below in color or in black and white better.


Black and White.

Which one do you prefer? Maybe I should take that black and white one and play with it a little more - add grain or distort it a bit. Then, maybe black and white would win.

These photos remind me of a story from 7th grade art class. I had this teacher who I could never please. I tried so HARD to please her. I'm not an artist - this could be why she wasn't pleased with me. But EFFORT should count for something, no? I worked so @*#($&@ hard in that class to get positive reinforcement from her. Never got it. I tried and I tried. I asked for help, I stopped at every step to make sure I was getting it, I sought out her advice and counsel. She had little to no time for me. And, she never smiled or got excited about a thing I did.

So, I eventually decided to stop trying. We were working with crayon and pencil pastels the day I stopped trying. I remember purposefully deciding to no longer try for her attention or acclaim. I drew haystacks in a field with my pastels. Silly, scraggly lined haystacks. THIS, the art teacher LOVED. The haystacks I carelessly drew on my 11 x 17 paper. THIS, she ooh-ed and aah-ed over. THIS drawing, she entered into the school art fair. And, this drawing of crappy little haystacks won it's category and was displayed in the superintendent's office for a while. The one I didn't work hard on. The one I didn't care about. That's where my hard-to-please 7th grade art teacher found her muse. In a lot of ways, this story is a microcosm of my life. You know, in the way that everyone lives the life of Charlie Brown at one time or the other? It was a Charlie Brown moment. But I digress. Back to the lake.

There is also a hike/bike path bridge on this side of the lake - a couple of them actually, but I only photographed this one. It's smaller, and on a "corner" of the lake, making it very picturesque with all the foliage surrounding it's ends.

Bridge near Garland Road.

Side of the bridge.

Other side of the bridge, with a nice reflection included.

Then, I turned my attention back to that waning sun. The clouds gave me something to shoot at, even if they were a tad on the thick side.

Sunset over toward downtown, with a little pink.

Another pretty one.

Closer in of the pump house, on the other side of the lake.

The winner for my favorite sunset photo.

I love this photo - it's straight from the camera - nature at it's best. Beautiful. I actually tried to make it better with my software, and the original won out.

After I caught the last bit of the sun creeping through these clouds, I drove on down the road, behind the Dallas Arboretum, and took a couple more shots of some lovely trees.

Tree one, across from the back of the Arboretum.

Pretty "orange" tree grove, inside the Arboretum.

That there fence is the back of the Arboretum. ("That there" is a proper way to refer to the placement of something in Texas. Don't correct my English. Or Tex-ish. "That there" is the way I prefer to refer to the location of the fence.) It's meant to keep non-paying riff-raff at bay. I stole this shot of the trees anyway. They were just too pretty not to capture.

By this point, I was pretty much losing all the rest of the sun. In fact, I lightened that "orange" tree photo quite a bit in post-production to actually get the color out of the trees. It was getting dark. So, I packed up the camera and headed home. But, before we leave this post, just for good measure, let's look one more time at my favorite sunset photo.

Ahh, there we go.
Now don't you feel better?
I do.

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