Monday, February 2, 2009

Winter Ice Storm Photos, Part 1

So, last week we had a bit of a winter ice storm - while some parts of the country were getting a foot of snow, we were getting about an inch of ice - maybe not a whole inch, but a good enough coating to stop all progress. So, I, of course, like many others, bundled up and went outside to take a few photos. I took several of the nandina berries, which I'll post tomorrow. Today, a look at the ice layer on several different items around the outside of my house.

That white stuff there isn't snow - it's ice.

The grasses were heavy-laden with it.

And the ground had a nice covering as well.

Here you can see 1) the thin layer of treacherous ice on our front steps and
2) the really crappy cement grout job on our front steps.

Along the side of the house, the vine was ripe with icicles.

As were the eaves.

And the trees - as you can see, otherwise, it was a beautiful day!

After a while, the sun came out from behind a cloud and the ice crystals on the trees were easier to see.

Tomorrow - berries!

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