Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Manchester Town Hall, In Albert Square

On our walk around town, we spotted this old looking square in Manchester, but didn't have the camera with us. So, on our way out of town - literally - we stopped by this square again to take some photos. It was Albert Square, and is more gothic revival or neo gothic than gothic, of course. Don't those clouds up there look painted on - dabbed on with a wet rag or something? Strange coloring.

In the center of the Square - a statue of a Saxon prince -
Albert, Queen Victoria's consort.

Striking calves, no?

A statue of Mr. Gladstone - I mean him no disrespect - I mean, he did enough for his country to warrant a statue in this here square, but - the possibilities are endless for a photo caption. Feel free to leave your own in the comment section.

"Excuse me"

"Table for two please"

"Yes, I'll bid on that."


"Smellers the Feller!"

"The wind appears to be blowing in a northeasterly direction."

"Raise your hand if you're SURE!"

"Is this how it goes, Mr. Travolta? Down and then up?"

The real show, in my opinion, was the Town Hall.

Neo-gothic, built in 1877.

I enjoyed the photos taken on a sunny day on this Wikipedia page.
It was decidedly not sunny while we were there.

It was very photogenic, no?

We then headed on to Leeds.
I might have some photos from there too.

See you tomorrow with more of something. That you can be sure of!

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