Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pretty Pictures of the Park

I love alliteration. Don't you? Today's post will be of some pretty pictures of the park. I'll put all the rest of my post ideas off another day to get up the photos I took last weekend. Imagine.

So, I was driving through White Rock Lake Park on my way home from getting my toes painted and I was struck by this little niche of the park - a little tree grove, mostly, that caught my eye.

So, of course, I went to get my camera! These are the photos I took.

This "grove" of trees was the first thing that mesmerized my view.

I'm such a sucker for nature.

Heck, even this boggy, stagnant creek looked pretty.

And, the flowers growing in the creek were pretty too, no?

The near-evening light was casting a nice reflection of the nearby trees onto the water.

Everything is still so green.
The heat hasn't zapped it yet.

The only "burn" evident right now are these washes of light on the grass.

Even the weedy grass was pretty to me at dusk this past weekend.

Don't you just want to walk on through there?
Or, sit a while at the tree's trunk?

Look at this interesting weave of roots with the sun looking down on them.

Ahh, I love the park at dusk.

The native grasses were also very pretty.

As was the setting sun.

Then, I was very taken by this Great Egret. I followed him for a while. (Aren't you proud of me that I actually researched and found out what kind of bird he was? Small miracles. Baby steps.)

He was minding his own business when I started casing him.

He was just so graceful looking to me, I had to get a closer look.

But then I saw this flowering bush, near the egret.

I was unable to locate it's species on my Internet search.

It caught my eye nonetheless...

...and distracted me from the bird for a second.
The bird was thrilled at this development.

Oh, but then, over there - there he was again.
I followed him.

Again, he was minding his own business.
I crept in closer.

He was hanging next to this marshy waterway -
a continuation of the boggy creek we saw earlier.

Pretty bird.

But, then I got this look...
the "hey lady, can't you take a hint and scram?" look.

And then he did this...I tried to capture him flying away.
They are a little blurry, but not bad on the fly.
No pun intended.

So, there you go, after a brief hiatus, a post all about my enjoyment of taking photos of pretty things. I loved my little walk at dusk in the pretty park. Hope you liked it too.

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  1. Love the photos. Nature right here in the middle of Dallas. You got a good eye A.
    Keep 'em coming.


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