Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pattison State Park and Big Manitou Falls

So, we headed out of Door County mid-afternoon yesterday, which put us into "civilization" early enough for me to look through and download some more photos. I decided to post some photos today from Pattison State Park, and Big Manitou Falls. We stopped at this park on our very first day, and the beginning is a very good place to start. (name that tune)

I mentioned this stop in Monday's post - the first set of S-man photos were at this location. Here's the rest of what I shot there. The weather was off/on rain/sun, so the light is sort of unusual in this group - and different from shot to shot at times, even though these photos were all taken within the same hour!

The parking area was only 1/2 mile from the first falls overlook.

This was my view of S throughout the stop.
He was ready to move on down the road instead of stopping here.
Thank you S for stopping here with me.

But I'm glad we stopped.
The falls were beautiful.

We then headed on over to the other side of the river to see the falls closer-up.

The walk itself was so nice.
It was a little on the cool side, and like I said, it rained off and on.

On the way to the other side, I snapped one more look at the falls.

And I started to fixate on the flora...S-man kept a-moving.

How can you not fixate on these pretty flowers?

I mean, LOOK at THAT!

The closer side of the falls was also pretty.
Right after this, I took those photos of S.

But then I went right back to my fixation.
Check out these proud ladies.

There were just so many options for my lens to focus on!

New kinds of wildflowers that I don't see in Texas...

...and some berries not in Texas either.


Then I looked up from my trance, looked around for S. He was nowhere to be found. So, I started back down the trail. I found him.


Ahem. That signaled I had been in the flower trance long enough and it was time to head on down the road. Don't worry - never fear - I've entered the flower trance several times over the past few days. I'll subject you to more floral beauties later on. You know I will.

Today we're going to check out Kohler and Harley-Davidson, two American icons. And, check out some of Milwaukee, and perhaps some of the local microbreweries, if time. The weather continues to be amazing. That's just what we ordered!

Hope your Wednesday goes swimmingly. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Love that 1st yellow flower photo!!!

    Also, the pic of S walking away kinda sorta made me LOL.



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