Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Am My Brother's Blogger

Nice use of dusk time light, Steve. Good photo!

Since I'm a little behind in the blogging department this week, my brother Steve said he would help me out. So, once again today, I am posting what Steve would post if he had a blog.

You might remember he built this awesome tree house in his backyard. Even though it isn't in a tree. We covered it here on Ate Up Amateur earlier this year. But, it wasn't painted. It wasn't completely finished.

Now it is FINISHED. It's painted this nice color of blue with some beautiful white trim. And has a rope up the ramp on the side.

It is of course also equipped with a multi-colored windsock, and this cute, kid-size wooden swing. And, a trash can? Not sure... Anway, way to go Steve, on the very nice tree house. Job well done!

In addition to the tree house, Steve has been busy on another project. He made a bed loft for Deacon out of PVC pipe. This is the top of the bed, being assembled in the garage.

This is the base being assembled.

And - you guessed it - the ladder assembly.

Here you can see the top and the bottom snapped together, with the ladder in place, in Deacon's room. In case you're wondering, Steve checked out the structure himself for durability - he decided if it held him, it would hold his kid. Probably a good test.

Then the mattress was put in place.

Deacon seems pleased in this photo.

Steve reports that the kids have been climbing all over it, hanging out in Deacon's room to enjoy the new loft exclusively since last weekend when it was built. It's a big hit. Industrial, kid-friendly, sheek. Nice job, Steve. You're turning out to be pretty handy after all. :-)

S's dad, Sam, had a surgical procedure last night, and is doing very well at the hospital, resting, relaxing, recuperating. He was just really glad to eat his dinner after the surgery, since he had to spend the whole day fasting! We were glad to see he was doing so well before heading home for some rest. He'll probably be at the hospital for the rest of the week, then going back and forth for a while for some wound care and rehabilitation.

Today, for me, is another fun filled day of regular activity that will keep me hopping. Hope your Thursday is a good one. See you tomorrow!


  1. Good to see this project completed. What a wonderful hideaway for the youngsters. And what creativity wit the bed. Should get the PVC project award of the month.

  2. FYI The swing is not painted to match the paint yet, as we stole it from my wife's sister and are waiting to see if she notices it missing from her shed.


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