Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Sanford & Son Moment

Last weekend we were VERY productive. We removed more "things" from the house, organized some stuff that is staying, and most obviously, moved the bedroom furniture out of the guest bedroom to my in-law's house, where they are very kindly letting us store it until we hopefully move next spring. Even the sentence to tell you what we did was long! Whew!

S's brother Mark came over to help him move the furniture. I made the comment I thought it was going to be at least two loads - a bedside table, a dresser, desk, hutch, headboard and full size mattress and box spring. Well, that wasn't a small little comment to S, no siree - it was a challenge! He set out to find a way to make it all fit in one load in the back of his little truck.

IMG_6562 (by Ateupamateur)
And he did. They did. Sanford & Son moving at your service.
You can thank me later for that earworm.

Yes, I know that box spring has seen better days. But, I hear its still comfortable so we'll hold onto it for a while longer...

IMG_6565 (by Ateupamateur)
Tied down and ready to go...
Sing that theme song loud and proud!

Help me Elizabeth. Amen to that.

Also last weekend, we spent most of Sunday in a class titled, "Prepared Childbirth." It was a useful class to have attended, even if it did suck up a valuable weekend day. We learned the signs of pre-term labor and the stages of actual labor. We learned when to call the doctor and when to wait it out. They spoke of relaxation exercises and medications. They gave information on when to come to the hospital during labor. We had a tour of the labor and delivery area, and learned where to park. We learned we can ask for a tub in the labor room if we want, or a birthing ball, or several other sorts of items. (Most of which I had never heard of.) We saw rooms on the postpartum floor and learned the procedures that would come after the baby arrived.

There were parts we thought were really cool - like the baby stays with you from labor and delivery up to the nursery - you get to, as a family, take the baby to the nursery. No whisking the baby off to parts unknown or only with dad. Then they are only in the nursery for thirty minutes. And, right after birth and again right after the nursery, they want mama and baby to have exclusive "skin on skin" bonding. It helps regulate the baby's temperature and biorhythms like nothing else, apparently. They told us what sorts of security measures are taken so your baby stays safe. They told us we could order all the food we wanted once we got to the room, and we saw the roll-away bed for the daddy.

There were also parts that I decided were not so cool. I have decided, if I am not induced, that I want to try to go as long as possible without an epidural. I'll have the paperwork ready, but I want to be able to move around, walk and change positions as long as possible. And the whole idea of that needle in my back is sort of creeping me out. So, we'll see how it goes. I just want the option to see. To have options. Of course, if I'm induced, the game changes a lot. Time will tell.

This week, we're both very busy at work - tis' the season. But, we have more stuff, if you can believe it, to go through. Sister, we have a lot of STUFF - how can two people amass such a collection of junk? Geez. So, we'll keep on keepin' on through the holiday weekend to ensure we are cleaned out and up and ready to go for the big new boy.

See you soon.


  1. Glad to hear that you "enjoyed" the class and felt it was useful. Also nice to see so much movement in getting ready for baby boy.

  2. I think I was more afraid of the needle than labor! haha! But once the time came it wasn't so bad. And knowing it was going to relieve the pain was all I cared about. I did the same as you want to. I walked around until I could handle no more. Supposedly it helps the baby get down. Whatever happens, natural, induced, c-section - all will be well. I can't wait to meet him!!


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