Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dallas Blooms Baby

Last month, when the tulips were still with us, S and I set out to go to Dallas Blooms with the boy to get some photos in the flowers. As many times as I've been to the Dallas Arboretum, I had never been during Dallas Blooms. This is because we used to live near the place, and the streams and streams of cars going at this time of year were enough to keep me away. But, now that I have a little boy to photograph, I was tempted to try it. And, sister, it is always a lovely place. But, it is even MORE gorgeous during Dallas Blooms! It is totally, totally worth braving the crowds to go. We will go back every year now. Following are some photos of the boy with the flowers. I took some cool flower photos too, sans boy. I'll load those into another post.

Here we go:

Checking out which flower to grab first...

The outfit LM has on was purchased last fall on clearance at the Strasburg Children's store. We were there purchasing a baptism outfit, and grabbed up some great deals on a couple of cute little baby boy summer things in a 12mo size. The lady said their clothes ran big, and this played out for the baptism outfit, so I was really quite worried this little outfit might be too big. Ahem. Well, it wasn't too big at all. In fact, it was a little tight around the tummy, shall we say, causing issues with it laying correctly and keeping the straps in place. But, we made it work.

Funny face.

It really took a lot of tries to get a good photo of the boy. He was VERY distracted by the people, the flowers, the grass...really, the best photos were at the end of the trip. So, here are some of the good ones, and some funny ones of him NOT cooperating at all.

Very cute...I need to edit out Daddy's hand though.
He was VERY worried the boy would fall from the rock.

Oops...sorry, he got a petal.
I'm sure it was moments from falling off itself...

Confiscated immediately.

The constant "fixing" of the outfit...over the belly.

He was also rather enamored with picking grass.

And eating pansy petals...again, sorry.

Here's Daddy trying to conjure up enough of a distraction to get a smile.

Immediately after that, more grass lost its life.
Distraction fail. We moved on.

In between we made him wear this hat.
He has now learned how to take the hat off.
Sunscreen, anyone?

My two boys. I love 'em both so much!

In the middle of all this "fun" he took a nap.
During that time, we checked out the art show that was going on.
Very nice.

My pack mule - er, husband.

During photos at this location, he was not cooperating SO much
that we were actually laughing out loud at his antics.

Really, seriously, Mom, Dad, are we done here?

The grass killer struck again!

Then there was THIS location. WAIT! Grab the child before he...
That flower survived. Dad to the rescue.

We later came upon this child size bench.
He seemed to like that it was his size.

And, finally, we saw some smiles.

THERE'S my sweet boy.
Suitable for framing.

Eating the bench was also mandatory. Ahem.

Then, right at the end, finally, it was as if he noticed we were there, entertaining him!

And we caught a few sweet shots.

Look! A tooth!

My favorite.

It was a long day for the boy. He was a trooper.

See you soon.

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