Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthday Festivities Have Begun!

LM's first birthday will be tomorrow. We have a little family party planned. There will be cake. And you know I'll cover it here, because, you know, that's pretty much all I get around to covering here these days. But, the festivities have already begun. First, our good friends sent him a gift last week that we let him already open, and second, we had cupcakes at school. So here are the highlights.

S and LM sat down to open the gifts.

John Deere Trimmer!

When the boy was born, these same friends gave him a John Deere hedge trimmer. It's a long story, but it was sort of funny to us given our history with hedge trimmers. I'll have to tell you another time. Ahem. Anyway, he has a wonderful John Deere hedge trimmer. And now they have added to the collection.

I'm so glad we chose the backdrop of the semi-dirty fireplace.
Nice memories. Heh heh.

But wait! There's more!

Also, a John Deere tractor that is a flashlight too!
LM really likes taking them around the house as you can see here.

Then, we had a little birthday party at LM's school. We had it early in the week because I had a Groupon for cupcakes that was going to expire. So, sister, we had cupcakes a few days early!

LM is a clear member of my clan, digging right into the cupcake.

Then Ms. Jackie broke out the hat.

And the birthday song.!

Will you check out that icing!


He clapped for us when we were done singing.

He nice.

And some of his buddies had cupcakes with him.

His best buddy T-Baby was on vacation. So we left a cupcake for her to eat the next day. Collier and Jett played right along though!

It was a fun little time together.

Of course, more festivities are on the horizon! See you soon.

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  1. really can't get over how cute my nephew is!!!!!!!! (and I love that he clapped for you! hehe!


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