Monday, December 5, 2011

Nonna's Birthday and More

We got together last weekend with the in-law clan after Thanksgiving to celebrate Cheryl's birthday and Mark's birthday and also because we couldn't celebrate Thanksgiving with Brooke and Michael. Here are some photos:

The apple spice cake.

I told Cheryl I'd bring a cake, since I figure no one should have to bake their own birthday cake. She was, after all, having us all over at her house again, and cooking again, for her birthday celebration. I was trying to decide what cake to bake, and since I had purchased Granny Smith apples for a pie but didn't make it, I rifled through recipes to find an apple cake. 

Cookies, made by S, because we knew some people wouldn't want apple cake.

I will definitely make the cake again - it was moist and tasty. I had high hopes when I tasted the batter - good batter usually means a good cake, and this one was no exception! It was a Bon Appetit recipe I had cut out who knows when. I used to subscribe to the magazine, back when I had a life that didn't include a toddler. I did a little search for you - here it is, originally printed, it seems, in the February 2007 volume. If you clicked through, you'll see it has a brown sugar glaze. That glaze was tasty, sister. Anyway, I was pleased with my ad hoc cake choice. Maybe if I make it again I'll photograph the process and post it here! On with the rest of it.


I should say I also made macaroni to add to the fare, also because I had purchased ingredients to bring to Thanksgiving but didn't get around to making it - I took a photo, but it's not great. The only reason I mention it is...drum roll Little Man ATE it! He ate a whole plate of my macaroni and cheese! You're probably like, so what? Well, it almost brought me to tears, that's what, because S is such a picky eater, I'm used to cooking something and being the only one who enjoys it. I was SO thrilled when my baby actually liked something I cooked. It is a seriously lovely turn of events. Now, if I only cooked more often...ahhh, details.



Opening cards and gifts.
I won't even tell you what the cards from us said.

Seriously, I'm not telling. S picked them out and they were, well, let's say, not worth repeating. They were vulgar and funny, but not for a Monday morning. Even the one to his mother. His MOTHER! (The grandmother card from LM was G rated, thank goodness.) Oy.

And, well, his mother laughs. 
So, it's all good.

Then it was time to tear up Nonna and Papaw's house!!!

I think this is where Alexandra was trying to get all the kids to line up for a photo.
Ahem. That photo doesn't exist.

And, I promise, LM had fun. 
This sad face cracks me up.



Playing with Nonna.

And, of course, playing piano.

all three
Papaw doling out the animal cookies - photo by Aunt Kim.

It was a fun time. See you soon.

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