Monday, January 6, 2014

Cookie Decorating Party

I had this crazy idea that I'd have all my holiday posts up before the holidays were actually over. Now, with this post, I think I've even passed up Epiphany. Details. Not much happens in January anyway, and well, I'm about to get darn busy with my class on top of being hugely pregnant (post about that coming soon) and working full time. So, might as well post as I can and leave the rest to, well, life. Again, details. Anyway, back before Christmas, we had the Dallas cousins over to decorate cookies. The kids really seemed to get into it, and enjoy being creative for a period of time. Then, they played together for a while longer, which they always seem to enjoy. I hope, as they grow, this stays the same. Here are some photos from the decorating party:

Ala the preschool cooking party, S had chef hats for all the kids.

The parents helped the process along...

Of course, if you cut out the middle to make a wreath, you had to eat the middle.
No wasting cookie!


See you soon.

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