Thursday, January 2, 2014


LM doesn't understand why it has not snowed here in Dallas during Christmas. He seriously doesn't get it. We have had this conversation several times over - and each time I explain that first, snow is not guaranteed on Christmas - they are not synonymous - and second, snow in Dallas is very unlikely, any time of the winter. But, he remembers last year, when we were in Indiana, and there was plenty - PLENTY - plenty of snow!

So, we decided to manufacture our own "snow" and decorate our front windows at the same time. LM and I sat down to cut snowflakes out from paper, and shortly thereafter S joined us. I cannot tell you how relaxing and fun this activity was - something about cutting paper is oddly stress reducing. Ha! Anyway, the point is, we had a grand time, and the snowflakes look awesome in our front window. Here are some photos:

Oh - LM is wearing his "fireman pants" - last year's snow pants...
...they were a fixture for a few days.

Then Daddy got creative with the cutting...

Fun times.

See you soon.

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