Friday, March 11, 2011

7 months old

That boy, he keeps growing. Another month behind us on this fast, short baby journey. LM turned seven months old on February 23rd. Here are some photos and updates on the last month.

six months on quilt (2)
Six months old on Nana's quilt

This sweet boy of ours has continued to grow and develop. He was teething almost the entire month from 6 to 7, but still has no teeth. He tried even more new food and started sleeping fewer lours during the day. And he has become more vocal. WAY more vocal.

I took him out in the sun one day for a few photos.

He says "babbababababa" and "blah blah blah" and "mmmmmmmmmmma" and "drandle" and "uh" "la" "ha" "ooph" and other such very important things. He has this growling noise he uses when he's really into playing with something or when he wants you to know he is not the most happy with the situation - hungry, tired, etc.

He wasn't the biggest fan of this action.

Our Little Man is still the sweetest thing - always smiling and generally happy. We have had a few days where he wasn't feeling so sweet because of the whole teething thing. Actually, the weekend we were in Indiana he had one such day - probably the first of those days when I really knew he was teething. After a couple of days like that, I said to my mom, "No teeth yet!" She laughed and said, "Of course not!" I didn't realize what a long process it is. I thought - tooth pain, tooth will come out! Not so much. We're STILL working on getting that first tooth through.

But when Daddy came out to entertain it was alright.

He sits up much more stably now, really able to flail his arms and legs around and not topple over. He is not crawling yet, but he gets around a little bit. He rolls - not across the room you understand - but, on the playmat from a little ways away, to toys he is interested in checking out. We have this little toy that is supposed to move away from him and encourage him to go get it. Well, it doesn't quite work out that way because LM manhandles it to where it's not sitting upright most of the time. Ahem. I actually think the only thing that might motivate him to "move" across the room to get it would be one of our animals. He LOVES them and wants to get near them all the time. Of course, they are not as big of fans of his, but they do pretty good tolerating him. Once he IS moving, they better WATCH OUT!

I am absolutely, positively in love with this boy.

He still gets frustrated on his belly because he can't quite figure out how to get up and go. But one day soon I'm sure he will. He loves to play in the exersaucer still, since he is upright in that space. He also still likes to check out the baby in the mirror, but he is not quite so enamored with him as he was last month.

And this guy is too.

I am still trying to find that work-life balance after becoming a mom. I feel like after four months of doing it I am finally starting to figure it out. I am sure, though, as he grows and changes and is involved in new things this figuring out will continue. What I should say is I feel like I am keeping the plates spinning a little better than I did when I first went back to work. I feel more in the groove, I guess. I am still pumping at work to feed him breastmilk, and I still think I will make it a year...I am just no longer worried about giving it up. I love it, I am so glad I've gotten to do it, I am so happy it has worked out for us. But, when the year is up I will be alright with it ending. I will have more control over what I eat then, and will have a little more time in my schedule. Perhaps I will be able to add more exercise in at that point. It will be okay to move on.

I mean, what's not to love?

I still regularly look over at this little boy we created and cannot believe he exists. Really. I mean, it is amazing. Amazing he is here. Amazing how my life has changed. Amazing the crazy ride we are now on with him. Truly amazing! How lucky I am to be his mother. A mother. It's quite a gift.

Seven months old on Nana's quilt

I have some video I've taken here and there - if I can figure out how to get it uploaded to Flickr so I can post it here, I'll do it! I hope to have some video up in the next month. We shall see how it goes. Until then...

See you soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Holiday Memories

As I post this, it's March and my header still says February. So, it will be no surprise that I'm posting photos about Christmas in March either. Ha.

I decided to try this new website, Pummelvision, to create a video montage of all the Christmas photos I took. And, it worked like a charm. It included all the photos taken, so some are blurry, sideways or otherwise. But, it's a quick look at all the Indiana photos and the few Dallas photos, and at the very end, a montage of photos we took of Luke sitting next to his Christmas presents. You know, so one day in the future when he says we never gave him anything we have proof.

The music isn't much to listen to, so just turn it off it you want. Then you can add your own soundtrack!


I hope to do something similar with his birth photos. I'll post it when I get it done. When he's 18.

See you soon.