Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Family Matters

In the past month or so, we've had three events on the in-law side of the family here in town. Once upon a time, they would have all received their own post, full of all sorts of insightful detail and lots of photos. But, in this new world I live in, the goal is to try to catch up and move on! So, here we go.

First, Andrew had a first birthday.

IMG_3105 (by Ateupamateur)
Remember this little guy?

IMG_6310 (by Ateupamateur)
Turns out a year passes in the blink of an eye.

IMG_6239 (by Ateupamateur)
He wasn't quite walking at his party, but he is now.

IMG_6291 (by Ateupamateur)
He received lots of nice presents.

IMG_6307 (by Ateupamateur)
Of course, older cousin Alexandra was there to show him how it's done.

IMG_6294 (by Ateupamateur)
His whole family was there to cheer him on.

IMG_6357 (by Ateupamateur)
And of course, eat cake...

The very next weekend, we got together for Alexandra's 2nd birthday. Andrew and Alexandra have birthdays one year and three days apart.

Alexandra close up edited (by Ateupamateur)
Here she was, brand new...

IMG_3028 (by Ateupamateur)
...and at her first birthday party...

IMG_5751 (by Ateupamateur)
...and now she's 2!

Forgive the quality of the photos from Alexandra's party. Another thing I would have certainly blogged about in the previous life I once led was the fact that my camera - my beloved camera - went down for the count. I had to mail it off to the Canon Service Center in Virginia so it could be fixed. I was without it for over a week. Now it is back and we're fat and happy. Emphasis on the fat or the happy. Your choice. So, for this party, I had the purse camera, in low light. Grainy.

IMG_5772 (by Ateupamateur)
Of course, there was cake and singing.

Funny little story - when they told Alexandra to blow out the candle, she starting blowing air through her this point, of course, the rest of us eying the cake were really glad her parents arranged for cupcakes. ;-)

IMG_5781 (by Ateupamateur)
Of course, Andrew was there for Alexandra's festivities, too.

IMG_5796 (by Ateupamateur)
The big fun, though, was this bounce house.

IMG_5783 (by Ateupamateur)
Where even the big kids (yes, that's S) got in on the action.

Finally, more recently - just last weekend in fact - look at me being timely - some of Kim's friends threw a little shower for her soon-to-be second daughter. Something else that certainly would have been reported before now - Kim is on bed rest for another three weeks (six total) because this baby started having ideas about entering this world at 29 weeks. So, she spent a week in the hospital and now some time at home. Once she hits 35 weeks, they will let her resume "normal activity" and if she goes into labor, so be it. She's a bit fit to be tied at this turn of events, but making it. Brooke, Mark, my in-laws, Kim's family are all taking turns staying with big A during the days so Kim can stay on the couch. And we go visit for comic relief when we can!

So, this shower was her only venture out of the house for days. And she really enjoyed.

IMG_5088 (by Ateupamateur)
Kim's sister made this adorable diaper cake.

IMG_5094 (by Ateupamateur)
Of course, Alexandra was a big help when it came to opening presents.

IMG_5098 (by Ateupamateur)
And since it's my blog, I'll show you what I gave her - a GIRL MOM shirt.

IMG_5100 (by Ateupamateur)
Alexandra was very interested in the toys that were exactly like the ones she had.

All in all, she received some nice gifts and a fun time was had by those in attendance. Heck, we even had cake. Might as well make it a family event triumvirate, right? Cake at all three occasions. Because you can never have too much cake.

That's it for today. Hope to see you again soon - I have actually downloaded other recent photos to share with you! Best wishes for the rest of your week.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's a Baby!

Here I am with another post for March - albeit another baby post. I do promise one day I will post about something else. I promise this blog will not turn into a baby black hole. It's just, well, a big part of my thoughts right now, so here it is for you.

S and I went for the "big" 18 week sonogram yesterday. We had to go to a perinatal specialist for a level II sonogram because of my "advanced maternal age". This would be the first time S got to see a sonogram, and of course we were going to try to find out the sex of the baby. We didn't really care if it was a boy or a girl, but we really did want to find out which one it is.

Before we left home, I started out the day by throwing up my entire breakfast. I don't normally throw up. I do still feel nauseous, or sea sick, pretty much all the time, but I don't generally throw up. And, I ate the same thing I eat every morning, at generally the same time. So, maybe I was just a little nervous about it all. I don't know. I hope that's what it was...hope this isn't a trending activity!

So we set out yesterday morning for the hospital and finally arrived at the specialist's office. We filled out a ton of forms and were shown to one of several sonogram rooms. The sonographer came in shortly thereafter and looked all over the baby - she checked the baby's heart - all four chambers - brain, kidneys, intestines, the length of bones, size of skull, etc. After each check, she would say, "perfect". And, she reported the baby weighed about 11 ounces right now.

Funny thing is, this lady does sonograms all day long, and she was SO EXCITED to show us our baby - she was oohing and aahing like it was the first baby sonogram she'd ever seen. Except, of course, that she could actually read the images on the screen like nobody's business. Clearly, this woman loves her job!

Then, at the end of her portion of the appointment, she asked us if we wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl. We said yes. Then she put this image up on the screen:

It's a BOY!!! She said he had been showing us the whole time that he was a we would have known...and it was clear as day that he was indeed a "he". No question. We were excited to know, and excited to start thinking about our baby being a son. It was especially fun for me to see S react to seeing the baby move on the screen and be part of the appointment. And, seriously, doesn't that arrow just crack you up? I will file this away as good high school date blackmail material. I mean, what decent mother wouldn't?

Then, the doctor came in. He explained he would look for some stuff that might show signs of Down's Syndrome and would look closer at the heart and kidneys and some other things. He said a sonogram cannot verifiably detect Down's, but everything looked, again "perfect". We saw the blood flowing in and out of the baby's heart. It was all pretty amazing.

And then the doctor said this - and I quote - "You're way too healthy to be in my office." I have to tell you that was probably the nicest thing he could have said - after all the talk about "advanced maternal age" it was nice to be "way too healthy". Very nice. I'm way too healthy, and so is our little boy. In their words, he's "perfect".

I couldn't have said it better myself.

See you soon.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Woefully Neglected

Woefully neglected - that is what this blog could be called these days. I had one - ONE - post in February. And now here we are at March and I'm getting at least one post in! There are some positive developments that would lead me to believe I might get more posts up in March:

- my class has ended - all but the final grading. Amen to that.
- I am a tad bit less tired than I was previously.
- I have gads of things I wish to tell you, if only I could find the time and energy!

But, there are a few things that lend themselves to the blogging remaining slow at best:

- I am still nauseous. Yuck.
- I still don't have the energy I once had. Yuck.
- Any energy I do find after work goes to doing what must be done - laundry, groceries, etc.

So, I make no promises for the month that lies ahead. Blogging notwithstanding, we did have a full February. I had the class, which I did enjoy, even with all the work. Dallas encountered record snowfall. I took photos of that which are still on the camera. We dined with friends. We had two birthday parties for the in-town niece and nephew. Took photos of that too...still on the camera. And went to a bridal shower. My friend Errika's "in your kitchen" recipes still reside on. the. camera. This is all to say - I have things to tell you, should I find the gumption to do it!

I had a heartbeat check for this thing sapping all my energy and making me nauseous last week. It's doing just fine and dandy, thank you very much. Good someone is feeling up to kicking around. And, we have the big 18 week sonogram in 10 short days, where we'll go from an "it" to a "he" or a "she" and that will be exciting. Plus, more "photos" of the inner workings of my uterus will certainly be made available.

And S has really done some good work on the house. He really has. Things have been getting done. I hate to say it, but I don't think we're going to get finished enough to sell the thing (not that I wouldn't gladly get on that bandwagon should work continue at breakneck speed) but it will be nice to have a finished place for baby's arrival. Nice to be able to know we're all settled in - finally - and we have not a thing to do but general homeowner maintenance. What a concept!

We had a wonderful SPRING-like weekend here in Dallas. Boy, was that nice! We're ready for spring, although I think she's still flirting with us at this point. Things are humming along at work. Staying busy there, too, of course. So, you know, life is good. I just haven't gotten all of that written down in exact detail here. So forgive me for that, and for this woefully neglected excuse for a blog.

Hope to see you soon. Happy March!