Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Europe Downloads, Day Two

Today will be our last day in Prague and the last day before we fly home. So, while we take new photos in Prague I will entertain you here with more random downloads! And, again, today, I apologize for the wonky spacing.

This is S, the day we flew in, almost two weeks ago, falling asleep in the lobby of a hotel in Birmingham, UK.
We slept really good that night.

Leeds Town Hall, I think. (UK)

It was cold the day we walked around Amsterdam.

S in a cafe in Bielefeld, Germany -with a file problem showing at the bottom.
I'll fix it when I get home.

The bottom of a chandelier in a cafe in Cologne, Germany.
I just really thought it was photogenic at this angle.

Another self-portrait on a sort of cold day.
In Gendarm Markt, Berlin.

I'll work on a few more for tomorrow before I sign off. See you then!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Look - Some Photos from Europe!

So, Vienna had 1) a business center and 2) unlimited Internet access for guests. Now, the keyboard was a German one, so the Y was in the wrong place, as well as other abnormalities, but I suffered through to download some photos and post some from the trip this week for you!

When we arrived in Vienna, it was 70 degrees and sunny. Sunday, however, it was WET and COLD. We walked around and took some photos. Mid-afternoon we ditched further plans and opted for a warm hotel room and a nap. We must have really needed a nap, because we both slept for about 2 hours. That's us up there, yesterday, near the Imperial palace. Can't you tell? No? Oh, I guess the umbrella sort of blocks the view. We could be in Omaha as far as you know. We're not tellin. One thing is for sure - no matter the continent, the cheesy smile is always readily available. Quite a talent. Thank you.

This morning - er in the wee, wee hours of the morning for you, we boarded a train headed for Prague. I will snap away there to report when we are back in Dallas.

As I was downloading photos while in Vienna, I noticed that some of the photos are really crappy - I mean, beyond my normal crappiness. I figured out the camera was on a strange setting for about a day and a half. Again, a testament to the word AMATEUR in my blog title. I screwed up a day and a half of photos because I didn't bother to look down and check my settings. Way to go, Amester. Nice work.

Today, I've assembled a random selection of photos that caught my eye as they were downloading from the camera card to my flash drive. Later, like when I am at my own computer and non-wanky keyboard, I'll give you more details. And again, I apologize for the spacing. I can't seem to control it like I can at home.

First up - a photo of S in the car he drove on the left side of the road.
He's behind the wheel in that there photo.

Next, a photo of Manchester, UK Town Hall through the trees.
I sort of liked it.

This is - you guessed it - Stonehenge.
I will have more photos of this place to follow one day.
I know you'll rush back for that!

Next to Stonehenge - sheep!

And, last for today - a continent "teaser" - sunset on the Amsterdam canal behind our hotel.

More tomorrow.

Friday, March 27, 2009

We are in Berlin

Hoping this will post - below is a post from my time in Florida with the family as we are not able to upload photos - barely time to get on the computer! I will update you with photos galore when we return.

We head to Vienna over the weekend and then to Prague before any of you see the light of day on Monday. Happy Weekend!

The Birds around Arevee Drive

While walking around Arevee drive at dusk, we spotted several bird varieties around this here pond.

There were these ducks, which I saw at White Rock Lake once and called turkeys.

The female version.

There were these ducks with very orange beaks.

And there was this pretty stork-like bird.

But the big show was this.

This mama and daddy bird with their little babies.
Look carefully to see the little orange babies on the right of the mama.

Here, they are under the mama's feathers.

Daddy was keepin' watch.

Apparently, before they fly off for the season, when the babies are bigger,
they strut them through the development to show them off.

Look there - the baby heads are coming out of mama's feathers.

They were listening to the daddy bird squawk.

But then they settled back inside the mama feathers.
I bet it's a real nice place for a baby bird.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Around Arevee Drive

So, we are in Germany and have very little access to email. And, the Blogger window won't let me left justify. We are fine, and I have lots of photos to share once I get someplace I can do that. Until then, another post I prepared before I left home is below.

When I was in Florida for 24 hours with my family,
these were my hosts, Torchy and Dad.

I took a photo of them in this gazebo last year.
They've both lost a lot of weight since then.
So we took another one.

I love the look on Cora's (R) face.

The evening after we met up at Disney and then ate strawberries, we walked around the park where Dad and Torchy live in the winter.

We took in the pond.

Steve told us how to reach world peace.

The kids watched the sun set with grandpa.

Cora posed for me.

Veda posed for me.
Deacon didn't walk with us.

We came upon this orange tree.

Luckily, we had 6'4" Steve with us.
So we took some home.

Torchy says they are delicious.

Veda thought it was pretty cool to pick oranges.

Had to include this one.

When we got back, Deacon was waiting for us.

After a little while, they decided to go swimming.

They got on their cute suits and headed to the pool.

Later that night, we celebrated Deacon's 6th birthday.

This one's blurry, I know. But, he is noticeably pleased with the gift.
So I kept it.

We lit candles and sang the song.

Deacon made a wish and blew them out.
I wonder what a 6 year old wish is like.

Hope to post another one tomorrow - we're having a nice time. The weather is not so nice over here, but we're still seeing lots of great things. Thanks for stopping in! Hopefully, another post tomorrow.