Thursday, March 26, 2009

Around Arevee Drive

So, we are in Germany and have very little access to email. And, the Blogger window won't let me left justify. We are fine, and I have lots of photos to share once I get someplace I can do that. Until then, another post I prepared before I left home is below.

When I was in Florida for 24 hours with my family,
these were my hosts, Torchy and Dad.

I took a photo of them in this gazebo last year.
They've both lost a lot of weight since then.
So we took another one.

I love the look on Cora's (R) face.

The evening after we met up at Disney and then ate strawberries, we walked around the park where Dad and Torchy live in the winter.

We took in the pond.

Steve told us how to reach world peace.

The kids watched the sun set with grandpa.

Cora posed for me.

Veda posed for me.
Deacon didn't walk with us.

We came upon this orange tree.

Luckily, we had 6'4" Steve with us.
So we took some home.

Torchy says they are delicious.

Veda thought it was pretty cool to pick oranges.

Had to include this one.

When we got back, Deacon was waiting for us.

After a little while, they decided to go swimming.

They got on their cute suits and headed to the pool.

Later that night, we celebrated Deacon's 6th birthday.

This one's blurry, I know. But, he is noticeably pleased with the gift.
So I kept it.

We lit candles and sang the song.

Deacon made a wish and blew them out.
I wonder what a 6 year old wish is like.

Hope to post another one tomorrow - we're having a nice time. The weather is not so nice over here, but we're still seeing lots of great things. Thanks for stopping in! Hopefully, another post tomorrow.

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  1. Nice to hear that all is well. I loved the pics of the grandkids.


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