Monday, March 23, 2009

We're in the UK, and we found a computer!

Hello everyone, dear blog readers. My dear 12 - TWELVE - TWELVE - 12 blog readers. (and HELLO mystery blog reader - S says hello!) S and I made it to the UK, and so did our luggage.

Here's a update so far: (and if there are strange long spaces in this post - it's the computer I was on. If there are no strange long spaces, great.)

The express train at Heathrow.

- we took a train to the airport hotel to check it out for work, then took a bus to get a rental car.

- so far, in said rental car, S has only tried to go back to the right side of the road once. Good for him. Left side driving is going OK.

S checking out Oxford.

This one looks very "Oxford", no?

- after picking up the car, we took our jet-lagged selves up the road toward Birmingham, the first stop on my business tour of hotels and venues (if you don't count the airport). On the way, we stopped in Oxford for lunch. Above are two examples of some photos from Oxford. There are many more, but we're on limited computer time here, folks, so more later. Like when we're back on the other side of the pond!

We passed this BBC Birmingham outlet when going for some dinner.

- made it (barely) to Birmingham, got lost, had to call the hotel concierge to drive us in, visited two hotels and a concert hall and THANK GOD went to sleep at around 7pm UK time. We were pooped.

One of the libraries in Manchester.
- feeling like new people, had a lovely English breakfast at the hotel, got the car and drove on the left side of the road to Manchester. Checked out two hotels and a concert hall. Then, had a little time to go to a shopping mall - a HUGE shopping mall - to find some shoes for me. Somehow, inside my luggage, one of my shoes ripped in two. A leather shoe - how that happens, we don't know. But, they were my dress shoes I need to wear for work appointments, so I needed to find a replacement. We found some. They are just penny loafer-looking shoes, but the style is called, "Gangsta", which of course made them even more appealing. Who wouldn't want GANGSTA shoes? Funny.

- headed to Leeds on Sunday for a concert hall visit, and then a LONG drive back to near London for two more hotel visits.

Today, Monday, (I have to remind myself what day it is) a concert hall visit then we have about four free hours in London before flying to Amsterdam. We'll be enjoying those hours when you read this! S has never been to London, so we're going to hop a cab and do a whirlwind drive-by. I'll take photos. I'll post them here one day.

Hope to post more later in the week for you, depending on Internet access! Thanks for stopping by!

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