Friday, March 6, 2009

S is Home and The Rest of March

S is finally home from the hospital! Alleluia! I am so glad to have him home and on the mend. While we were at the hospital, I took a few photos with the camera phone. I thought today would be a good day to share those with you. You know, so you can share in our experiences.

A Room of One's Own

This might LOOK like a double room, but it's a private room - they just changed a bunch of old double rooms into single rooms, and haven't changed out the furniture. The bonus for me was that hospital bed was more comfortable than any pull out couch ever would have been. S wanted me to stay the first night. I did. It wasn't bad. But, I slept at home the following nights. It was easier on the dogs. And me. And, I'd stay in the room late and get back early. So, I don't think S missed me much. Me, on the other hand, I missed S - I kept waking up forgetting he wasn't there. Very strange sensation!

These photos of the room were taken on Tuesday and Wednesday - S was already feeling a bit better by then - he wasn't dehydrated anymore, at least. I didn't want to take any photos of the death warmed over look he was exuding at the top of the week.

That was the view - of the other wing. Lovely.

The all important pain chart was on the wall.

The potty chair.

They really wanted S to use this thing. It would have given him a lot less ground to cover - and well, he was going to the "potty" often. But, he didn't like the idea of sitting in the middle of the room and doing his bid-ness. So, he hobbled, with help, with the IV stand, to the bathroom (in his room, around the corner) every time. At least once an hour at the beginning of the week.

The IV pump.

And, S's IV.

When S went in on Monday, he was VERY dehydrated. He was even more dehydrated than the doctor even imagined he was. So, this little pump, in very real ways, was integral to him feeling a lot better.

The TV "remote".

The only thing in the whole room that didn't work was the volume control on the TV. Every time you turned it on, it would blare at you at thousands of decibels. So, I'd be ready, at the TV on my tip toes, to turn the volume down with the controls on the front of the TV.

Exam gloves.

The gloves were next to the needle disposal container.

Also in good supply - hand cleaner.

The sign the lawyers told them to put on the wall.

This room was VERY private. There was this constant stream of air from the ventilation system that provided a good bit of white noise constantly. The door was big and thick. The only people who came in were family and the nurses. It was probably the most private place on the floor. But, just in case you were wondering, it was not confidential. Confidentially.

S washing his hands, in the gown, and the matted hair.

The large print Guideposts.

The chaplain came by on Tuesday. Nice enough fella. He was expecting to see an elderly patient behind door 306. Instead, he found S. You see, S was at least 30 years younger than his fellow patients on the gastrointestinal floor. The large print Guideposts is a hot commodity for most patients. Also a sign of the aging floor - most doors had a sign on the outside that warned the patient was prone to fall when they got out of bed. At least S didn't get one of those.

S was preparing here for his colonoscopy.

He had to drink the stuff in that there bottle.

There he goes for another sip.
Nurse Pam gave him 30 minutes to get down the 10 oz.

It's blurry, but I'll let you figure out what hand gesture I was getting here for photographing the procedure.

OK, so the next montage of photos speaks to the level of boredom one reaches while sitting days on end in a hospital room with not much to do except plug and unplug your husband's IV pump for his trips to the bathroom. I turned the camera phone on myself for a series of glorious photos. Ha.

Please be reminded that I HATE photos of myself, generally, so the fact that I decided to do this is SO out of character. It speaks to the aforementioned state of being. I almost didn't post them. But, they are all so horribly heinous that I decided you might think they were funny. I thought about captioning them. But, pretty much every caption would have been, "dork." So, I am posting them all together here as a Friday Funny. I'll see you on the other side. Enjoy.

I have mastered the cheesy grin. We already knew that though, didn't we. So, I have no real excuse for that montage except that people - I was B-O-R-E-D - while caring for my very sick S.

I should say that we did receive lots of wonderful company off and on - S's family stopped by, as well as several of our friends. It was nice to see everyone and it certainly broke up the photo sessions, so to speak. We also got lots of phone calls and emails. Thank goodness for family and friends.

One night, our good friend Tricia came by, representing herself and her good husband Wayne, and brought S a goodie bag full of games to play while in the hospital. On the last night of his stay, after his colonoscopy and diagnosis, (he has ulcerative colitis) they started him on medicine to get him well, we played a few of the games.

There was Non-Violent Politically Correct WAR.

Check SpellingAnd, finger bowling.

That's S taking a break from the bowling action to take a phone call from a well-wisher.

There was also a travel Connect Four game.

In this shot, I had just finished knocking down seven pins with the finger bowling ball.

They even brought S an electronic blackjack game.
He's playing it in this photo.

It was evident, the night before he came home, that he felt a lot better.

You might see the button on S's fine hospital gown in that photo up there, our old next door neighbors, Sophie and Sadie (and their parents Mike and Mikee) came by to see S while he was in the hospital. Sophie has a button making machine, so she made him a pink button that says, "Rock On". He wore it the whole time he was there. Everyone asked him about it and wanted one of their own. He was so proud to have it. It was so nice of them to come by - it was definitely a picker upper for S.

One of his medicines is Prednisone - a steroid.
He was immediately hungry once they started those.

But, sadly, as our friend Margaret pointed out, S is no longer eligible to play for Major League Baseball. It's hard to leave opportunity at the gate.

Steroid Stuper

Man, am I glad to have him getting well!

So, that's the report from the sickness chronicles. And, now - here it is - the big news - my dear blog reading friends, for the rest of the month, I'll be on the road. I'm on tour with work and advancing tours for work. So, the blog posts are going on the road with me. However, I don't know for certain that 1) I'll have an Internet connection each place I go, 2) that I'll have time to post while on the road with work, 3) that the computer won't completely die a horrible death while we're out, or 4) that I'll have anything to say.

But, that's the plan. To blog from the road and post photos of my goings on. So, if you come to this space and you see nothing new, you'll know one of the four things above has occurred, or something else equally halting or heinous. So, I hope to see you here, at least some, over the next three weeks. Should I not make it here and you do, please come back to check again. And, for sure, I'll be back to my normal posting schedule in April.

Also, dear blog readers, I know who lots of you are. And I know you are very loyal. But, it looks like no one reads this blog - I've added a "followers" box over there on the left - please connect and show you read this blog. It's painless, I promise. I would really appreciate, when I sign in to edit this thing, that it looks like more than two people actually read it. And, of course, I LOVE getting comments, so please comment away! Thanks.

Thanks for reading and best wishes for your own March adventures!


  1. I'm so glad the man is feeling better. Your pictures were crackin' me up.

    Have a fun month on the road.

  2. I am so glad that you have some answers, Amy. The feeling of not knowing is the best to Sam in his continued recovery!

    Also- I need to send you a JSOriginal so that you can shake up your wardrobe when taking self-photos. I love the black and turquoise necklace, but it doesn't hurt to change things up, right? ;) You have me thinking...


  3. Your self portraits are evidense of your father's side of the family, him, your grandma, and your aunt marlene, I think.

    As for S*.. the pic where is is feeling better... I think he looks like his youngest brother. I never really thought so before seeing that pic. The blond one and the dark one... could be twins.


  4. I am so glad that he is feeling better and you have answers. Look forward to reading what happens on your trip!


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