Monday, March 30, 2009

Look - Some Photos from Europe!

So, Vienna had 1) a business center and 2) unlimited Internet access for guests. Now, the keyboard was a German one, so the Y was in the wrong place, as well as other abnormalities, but I suffered through to download some photos and post some from the trip this week for you!

When we arrived in Vienna, it was 70 degrees and sunny. Sunday, however, it was WET and COLD. We walked around and took some photos. Mid-afternoon we ditched further plans and opted for a warm hotel room and a nap. We must have really needed a nap, because we both slept for about 2 hours. That's us up there, yesterday, near the Imperial palace. Can't you tell? No? Oh, I guess the umbrella sort of blocks the view. We could be in Omaha as far as you know. We're not tellin. One thing is for sure - no matter the continent, the cheesy smile is always readily available. Quite a talent. Thank you.

This morning - er in the wee, wee hours of the morning for you, we boarded a train headed for Prague. I will snap away there to report when we are back in Dallas.

As I was downloading photos while in Vienna, I noticed that some of the photos are really crappy - I mean, beyond my normal crappiness. I figured out the camera was on a strange setting for about a day and a half. Again, a testament to the word AMATEUR in my blog title. I screwed up a day and a half of photos because I didn't bother to look down and check my settings. Way to go, Amester. Nice work.

Today, I've assembled a random selection of photos that caught my eye as they were downloading from the camera card to my flash drive. Later, like when I am at my own computer and non-wanky keyboard, I'll give you more details. And again, I apologize for the spacing. I can't seem to control it like I can at home.

First up - a photo of S in the car he drove on the left side of the road.
He's behind the wheel in that there photo.

Next, a photo of Manchester, UK Town Hall through the trees.
I sort of liked it.

This is - you guessed it - Stonehenge.
I will have more photos of this place to follow one day.
I know you'll rush back for that!

Next to Stonehenge - sheep!

And, last for today - a continent "teaser" - sunset on the Amsterdam canal behind our hotel.

More tomorrow.

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  1. I didn't realize S was with you. For some reason I thought you were going with coworkers or something. How's he feeling?


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