Monday, March 2, 2009

Colorado - Trees and Stuff

This post is another "first in an occasional series". I have traveled to Colorado in the past for work. I'll be going again this summer. You can count on some photos from that trip showing up here on this blog at some point. But, this week, and maybe later this spring, I'm going to post some photos from my past trips to the big CO.

People flock to Colorado in the winter. Why not? There's great skiing to be had. However, I prefer Colorado in the summer - it's beautiful without all that snow, too, and I think only people from Texas fleeing the heat and the natives know this secret. So, while it's still snow-covered up there for several more weeks, why not get a glimpse of what's to come!

And, S is still sick, so I'm house bound and not really able to go do anything interesting. This has given me lots of time to peruse through old photo files, organize them and tag the ones I want to share with you here at some juncture. Please put in a good word for S - he's suffering with being sick. He needs to get well soon, God love him.

These photos were taken in the summer of 2005. I had just purchased my digital SLR before this trip, so these are some of the first digital images I took. My trip to Colorado for work in the summer of 2005 was the first time I had ever been to the state. You may find this hard to believe, but remember I didn't grow up in Texas, where the whole state runs to CO at the first site of snow or of 100 degree weather. So, this was my first stint up to the great state.

And, it being my first trip there, I was in AWE of its beauty. I remember, after landing in Denver and heading west in the rental car, I got a call from my co-worker Margaret on my cell. I said to her, "Right now, I'm wondering why anyone ever decided to live in a place like Dallas, TX." Really - in comparison, this place is amazing.

Manhattan Bar - Leadville, CO

First up - this photo doesn't really "fit" with the rest of the photos I want to share with you this week. It's a sign for a bar in Leadville, CO. Leadville is an old mining town. It's fairly depressed compared to the resort towns nearby, as most of the mining has dried up. But, it's trying to reinvent itself. It has a few blocks of quaint "downtown" shops, where you can find the Manhattan Bar - a far piece from Manhattan. I just loved the sign.

This photo, of the sun coming through the evergreens near Vail, CO, looked better in black and white, in my opinion. I like the whole "sun through the trees" look, but I have a lot to learn on how to capture it in a photo where it doesn't look like you just shot right at the sun.

In this black and white image, the sun is easier to handle and pretty much pulls off the look I was going for. It helps that those pretty clouds were ambling by. Helps a lot.

This covered bridge is also in Vail. It's pretty hard to screw up photos in this pretty locale, but this one has been one of my favorites for a few years now. It put it in my 2008 calendar - I didn't get a 2009 calendar put together. So, the three people who really wanted one of those were crushed. Just crushed.

There's just something about the trees surrounding the well built bridge that makes me feel relaxed when I look at the photo.

These wildflowers are abundant in the summer in Colorado - these dotted a hillside along a path I walked every day I was there. A close up view can be seen below. They are not the best images of flowers - I look forward to trying to get some new, better ones this summer. The light later in the day will make a better image, as will some better framing. And, the close up is not completely in focus. But, I like the photos nonetheless, so here they are for you to see.

Here is another "sun through the trees" photo, sort of, except that I captured more of the actual aspen trees in the frame, so the sun became less important. I tried MANY times the summer of 2005 to capture a compelling aspen photo. This is the best I did that summer. The next summer, I captured better aspen shots. I'll share those with you some other day.

Later this week, I have chosen a few more images from "Colorado 2005" that I'll share in this space, as well as post another installment in the occasional series, "Movie Houses of Dallas." And, at the end of the week, I will have some big news for you about what I'll be up to the rest of the month and how you're going to get to participate! See you then.

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