Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flora Mounts, Part Two

Our plans changed a bit yesterday - we ended up flying earlier to Amsterdam and not going into central London. S decided he could not see all he wanted to see in a few hours. So, we'll have to come back when we have more time and check it out. So, we're in Amsterdam for a few hours, and then this afternoon travel to Leiden, Holland and then drive to Bielefeld, Germany. (Google the Bielefeld Conspiracy - I'll let you know soon!)

The computer time in Amsterdam is rather pricey, so I don't have the wallet to upload photos from Europe for you today. But, lucky you, before I left, I did a few blog posts "on the fly" and saved them to post here when I couldn't do anything else. Following is one of those posts - it is the last post I have of photos from that botanical garden in West Palm Beach, Florida. I hope you enjoy it. So far I have found no botanical gardens to photograph in Europe, for which I am sure some of you are eternally grateful.


So, today I want to share a few more photos from the myriad shots I got at the Mounts Botanical garden. I promise, though, for those of you "gardened out", this is the last one.

From this garden. ;)

I think this is a hydrangea variety - it was in a pot.

Is this also a bromeliad?

Another flowering bush.

A trumpet vine, I think.

So pretty in orange.

This photo and the following are all of one sort or the other of gazania.
I thought they were wonderful.

(photo is wierdly washed out)

And, if you couldn't tell before, after all those shots, I'm sure you believe now that I really liked those little flowers.

This delicate flowering vine was growing on the front gate.
The light wasn't too good there.

A flowering-rose bromeliad!
Not really, of course.

Some multi-colored Lantana was nice.
I have the yellow variety in my yard - again, in the dead of summer in Dallas.

So, that's finally it. For this garden. For now. I so enjoyed my two.five hours in this garden. What a treat it was!

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