Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mounts Botanical Garden

Wednesday afternoon I really wanted to go someplace besides the beach to be outside to enjoy the weather and the scenery. I decided a botanical garden would be the place to go, but didn't even know if there was one near where I am staying. So, I googled it. And, I found the Mounts Botanical Garden is not far from my hotel. So, I headed that way.

Walkway to the front gate from the parking lot.

This is a big place - many areas were very well manicured, and other area were still in "development". The sun was high in the sky and I was very pleased with a number of photos I ended up with. It was a beautiful place and a lot of fun to wander through there by myself with my camera in tow.

The real downside of the place is it's location - it is situated just north of the West Palm Beach Airport, so it is directly in the flight pattern of every landing plane. Planes were coming in regularly. I was also bummed to find out that their gift shop is only open Thursday-Saturday, so I didn't get to stroll through there.

Something about this area said, "Jurassic Park" to me...

...see what I mean?

This trellised walkway was pretty.

I didn't see any birds except a pair of doves.
But, I did see their house.

And I saw lots of little guys like this - sorry, slightly out of focus.

There were a few water-based plants.

This looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book to me.

There were so many good photos - or photos I like from my visit - let's stop short of calling them good - that I am going to spread them across several posts. Depending on what happens the rest of the week, I may post some more this week, or maybe next week.

This plant is called, "Variegated Ginger."

And I thought it was equally stunning close up and far out.

I have arranged the photos in "categories" like trees, leaves, flowers. Revolutionary categorizations. So, I'll post more in categories over the coming days.

Do you see the bee?
How now, brown cow?

I really enjoyed the afternoon.

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