Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Sanford & Son Moment

Last weekend we were VERY productive. We removed more "things" from the house, organized some stuff that is staying, and most obviously, moved the bedroom furniture out of the guest bedroom to my in-law's house, where they are very kindly letting us store it until we hopefully move next spring. Even the sentence to tell you what we did was long! Whew!

S's brother Mark came over to help him move the furniture. I made the comment I thought it was going to be at least two loads - a bedside table, a dresser, desk, hutch, headboard and full size mattress and box spring. Well, that wasn't a small little comment to S, no siree - it was a challenge! He set out to find a way to make it all fit in one load in the back of his little truck.

IMG_6562 (by Ateupamateur)
And he did. They did. Sanford & Son moving at your service.
You can thank me later for that earworm.

Yes, I know that box spring has seen better days. But, I hear its still comfortable so we'll hold onto it for a while longer...

IMG_6565 (by Ateupamateur)
Tied down and ready to go...
Sing that theme song loud and proud!

Help me Elizabeth. Amen to that.

Also last weekend, we spent most of Sunday in a class titled, "Prepared Childbirth." It was a useful class to have attended, even if it did suck up a valuable weekend day. We learned the signs of pre-term labor and the stages of actual labor. We learned when to call the doctor and when to wait it out. They spoke of relaxation exercises and medications. They gave information on when to come to the hospital during labor. We had a tour of the labor and delivery area, and learned where to park. We learned we can ask for a tub in the labor room if we want, or a birthing ball, or several other sorts of items. (Most of which I had never heard of.) We saw rooms on the postpartum floor and learned the procedures that would come after the baby arrived.

There were parts we thought were really cool - like the baby stays with you from labor and delivery up to the nursery - you get to, as a family, take the baby to the nursery. No whisking the baby off to parts unknown or only with dad. Then they are only in the nursery for thirty minutes. And, right after birth and again right after the nursery, they want mama and baby to have exclusive "skin on skin" bonding. It helps regulate the baby's temperature and biorhythms like nothing else, apparently. They told us what sorts of security measures are taken so your baby stays safe. They told us we could order all the food we wanted once we got to the room, and we saw the roll-away bed for the daddy.

There were also parts that I decided were not so cool. I have decided, if I am not induced, that I want to try to go as long as possible without an epidural. I'll have the paperwork ready, but I want to be able to move around, walk and change positions as long as possible. And the whole idea of that needle in my back is sort of creeping me out. So, we'll see how it goes. I just want the option to see. To have options. Of course, if I'm induced, the game changes a lot. Time will tell.

This week, we're both very busy at work - tis' the season. But, we have more stuff, if you can believe it, to go through. Sister, we have a lot of STUFF - how can two people amass such a collection of junk? Geez. So, we'll keep on keepin' on through the holiday weekend to ensure we are cleaned out and up and ready to go for the big new boy.

See you soon.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Peek Inside and Out

On Sunday I officially ushered in the third trimester of this wild and crazy pregnancy ride I've been on for a while. I finished 28 weeks. 12 weeks to go until he's fully cooked. Incidentally, trimesters are not created equal in many ways - one way - the number of weeks. First trimester is 12 weeks. Second trimester is 16 weeks. Third trimester is 12 weeks. Uh-huh. They sneak that tenth month in on you in the second trimester. You might notice more if it were stuck on the end, I suppose.

To commemorate this occasion, S took some more photos of me and the belly. The growing belly! And then yesterday we went to another doctor appointment and a 3D sonogram. So, we have some new photos of the babe as well.

First up - the photos of the "outside", and they were even taken outside:

28 weeks (1) (by Ateupamateur)
Who knows what S was saying to garner the great look on my face.

When I went to the doctor yesterday, I met the "boy" doctor I mentioned before. I tried to study his face, you know, so I'll recognize him when he walks into the delivery room to deliver my baby. Because it's sure to happen. Sure, sure, I won't care. But, it's sure to occur, sister. I'll tell you that. Good news is he didn't seem like a serial killer or anything. He seemed nice. He asked me how well I was sleeping. (OK, I guess.) And, he asked other questions that seemed to indicate he might care about my welfare. So, I guess it was a good visit.

28 weeks (4) (by Ateupamateur)
Sideways shot - another silly face.

Let's see...my blood pressure was a little higher than normal, but not too bad. I think maybe that will just be how it is until after I give birth and get rid of all this extra blood. And the extra being, too, of course. Hee hee. I gained two pounds since last month, so I'm up three pounds total for the pregnancy. The thing is, I start going every two weeks now, so like the appointments, I bet the weight will come piling on as well. Mr. Doctor also measured my belly. 31 centimeters. Apparently normal. And, the Doppler registered his heartbeat at a relatively slow 150. Apparently also completely normal. That's pretty much the entire appointment!

Then, we went over to another area of the doctor's office to have a 3D sonogram. This is an elective sonogram that you have to pay a little extra for, but we had some flexible spending money burning a hole in our pocket so we decided to go ahead and do it. What the heck. Turns out Baby S wasn't really into having his picture taken today. We didn't get any really great shots of him - only profile photos mainly, but I will show some of them to you, OK? OK.

WAG_3 28 wks (by Ateupamateur)
Baby's profile.

We were able to get a bunch of this exact pose - this was where he wanted to be, and wasn't interested in moving. We mushed on him quite a bit, but the only thing that got us was a good kick to the sonographer. He was apparently comfortable where he was.

WAG_6 28 wks (by Ateupamateur)
Only "sorta" front on view.

Don't pay much attention to the nose in these photos - apparently noses are the most distorted feature, because it is the first one the sound waves hit. We could not decide who's eyes he has, but we all thought he has S's mouth. I'm very glad about this - I think he definitely has the more attractive mouth of the two parents, so I'm glad our baby got it.

WAG_8 28 wks (by Ateupamateur)
Side view.

And, from this angle we can tell he has detached earlobes. Also notable is he has no hair except for perhaps some peach fuzz. Not that it won't grow between now and birth, but this little fact leans toward my family's babies over S's. All of S's brother's kids have had plenty of dark hair when they were born. My family's babies mostly are bald.

Since we were unable to get a full-on good shot of his face, the sonographer invited us to come back again the next time I'm in the office to try again. She suggested I drink a sugared, caffeinated beverage in the waiting room right before coming to see her so the little guy moves around a bit. I go back in on June 2, so we'll see how successful we are on that day. I'll share any new photos with you here, of course!

See you soon.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Showered with fun

Saturday was the first Dallas baby shower.

may 15 grad school shower invite (by Ateupamateur)
You know, the one connected to this cute invite?
Yeah, that one.

This one was a small group of friends from my grad school days. This was also sort of the triumvirate of baby showers...number one would have been Deborah's, chronicled here. Incidentally, Deborah is about to have her second baby on June 1...so she's the MORE-pregnant- than-me one in these photos. She looks fabulous, of course. I hope I look that good in a couple of months! The second baby shower - at the same place, in the same room, was Stacy's, chronicled here. Stacy had her baby in late January. She's the mother-of-an-almost-four-month-old in these photos. She looks fabulous, of course. I hope I look that good when I have a four month old!

The shower was hosted by my good friends Deborah, Stacy, Wilma and Maria. It is so nice to have such good friends. And, I should say, while I'm at it, that my other two hostesses, and really, all the guests, looked fabulous. Because it's true and I don't want anyone ever to think I didn't notice. I took my camera, and you will see there are some photos here, but sister, I am not very good at taking photos at my own baby showers, clearly! This is the second one, and other photos people take with my camera notwithstanding, I do a poor job of covering the event when I am the honored guest, it seems. But, here are a few for you today.

First up, a smattering of guest photos:

grad school shower (12) (by Ateupamateur)
Deborah and Wilma, catching up.

grad school shower (by Ateupamateur)
Maria and Angela doing the same.

grad school shower (5) (by Ateupamateur)
You might recognize Angela a little better in this one...

grad school shower (6) (by Ateupamateur)
My fabulous grad school mentor and dear friend Pat.
And, in the blurry background, our also newly pregnant friend Alexa!
Congrats Alexa!

grad school shower (7) (by Ateupamateur)
OK, so like I said, I don't do a great job with the photos at these things.
But, I want to also say my mother-in-law Cheryl attended, which was very nice!
Would have been nicer had I gotten her in focus and all...details!
As you will also see, though, thankfully, Stacy took photos too!

grad school shower (2) (by Ateupamateur)
Speaking of blur, what a great photo this would have been!
Stacy and Wilma, visiting before we had lunch.

grad school shower (11) (by Ateupamateur)
Baby drop cloths.

Of course, there are two amazingly wonderful things that happen at these showers. First, you get to catch up, carry on, and remember why you like these girls so much and wonder why you don't get together more often. And how lucky you are to know them and have them in your life. Two, the honored guest (in this case, me, writing in the third person) is humbled and thankful for the thoughtful, special gifts she receives for this impending newborn. There were so many nice things - changing pad and cover, disposable table covers, diapers, an adorable guitar onesie, bottle warmer, storage sets, bath supplies, bassinet sheet, bib, wipes. The photo above is of the burp clothes with a theme - funny huh? And, last but not least, my fabulous hostesses got us this:

grad school shower (10) (by Ateupamateur)
The pack-n-play! Woo-hoo! How nice was that?

grad school shower (9) (by Ateupamateur)
In addition, they gave out these adorable cookie favors.
In two of our nursery colors, no less.

grad school shower (8) (by Ateupamateur)
Group shot.
Back row: Maria, Alexa, Lola, Pat, Angela, Cheryl
Front row: Wilma, Stacy, Amy, Deborah

On a completely unrelated note, I watched GLEE for the first time last week and I am totally hooked - it's totally goofy, but I LOVED it! And, I'm bringing this up now because I want you to notice - doesn't Deborah look like the twin sister of this GLEE actress? Am I right? I know - striking resemblance, no? OK, back to the shower.

I have to say, what an amazing group of women in that photo! They are all so great - accomplished, thoughtful, funny, smart women. And what a lucky girl I am to know them all and have them in my life. And what fun it was to spend the afternoon with them. Thank you ladies, for taking part of a Saturday to come out to the shower. Thank you, hostesses, for hosting a lovely event. Thank you to everyone for their thoughtful and useful presents. It was so much fun!

IMG_6537 2 (by Ateupamateur)
And...there is more fun to come!

I have a couple more showers coming up in June...this adorable invite showed up in my mail at the end of last week. Of course, I'll show you the photos I get around to taking and let you know all about it here after they happen. I can't wait to see everyone.

That's it for now! See you soon.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meet Sophia Claire

SCW First day (40) (by Ateupamateur)

S and I became an Uncle and an Aunt again, respectively, last Friday, when sister-in-law Kim gave birth their second daughter, Sophia Claire. She weighed 6lb 14oz and was 19.5 inches long. Mother and baby are doing great. They went home on Mother's Day. Here are some photos of her first day.

SCW First day (8) (by  Ateupamateur)
She looks a lot like big sister Alexandra.
And of course, her mother and father.
Her coloring is a little more "Italian" at this point.

SCW First day (37) (by Ateupamateur)
Dad, Mom and Baby.

SCW First day (42) (by Ateupamateur)
Big sister Alexandra had a long day, but enjoyed spending time with her grandparents.

SCW First day (11) (by Ateupamateur)
Aunt Brooke and baby Sophia

SCW First day (30) (by Ateupamateur)
Cousin Andrew

SCW First day (32) (by Ateupamateur)
Uncle Michael took his turn checking the little girl out.

SCW First day (15) (by Ateupamateur)
Aunt Laura, Kim's sister.

SCW First day (18) (by Ateupamateur)
Aunt Kelsey, Kim's other sister.

SCW First day (53) (by Ateupamateur)
Tiny toes!

SCW First day (48) (by Ateupamateur)
Grandpa checked her out for quite a while.

SCW First day (17) (by Ateupamateur)
Here is one of me with the new niece.

SCW First day (52) (by Ateupamateur)
And, there's proud Uncle S.

So, as she grows and changes, I'm sure you'll see updates here. It'll be exciting to get to know her and her personality, won't it? We're glad to have met our new niece! Welcome to the world, little one!

See you soon.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

6 and One Half Months

For those of you who don't get why pregnancy is counted in weeks, this week equates to 6 and one half months. 26 weeks. So there you go. And, again, overnight it seems, the belly is protruding more than it was previously. S took some progress photos for you and for me. Incidentally, you know why they don't count months, don't you? Because pregnancy is MORE than nine months, my friend. Take 40 weeks and divide it into months...you do the math. Yep, that's right, it's closer to TEN months of gestation. Ahem.

26 weeks (by Ateupamateur)
Front view.

Let's see...what updates can I tell you from the last such update. Well, the shirt I'm wearing in the photo came from my friend Kellie. She provided me, very nicely, with some maternity clothes last weekend that she no longer needs. Also in the "gimme" department, I failed to mention in the recent Indiana posts that my niece Amber provided Baby S with two huge bags of hand me downs from her son Rolen. And sister-in-law Brooke gave us another huge bag just the other day. The kid won't be naked, that's what we're sure of. Thank goodness for family and friends!

26 weeks (2) (by Ateupamateur)
Also helping with the photos - Ellie.
She wanted to be part of the action.

Also since the last post - turns out I turned myself inside out and into an unnecessary lather about the one hour glucose test. Such a lather, in fact, that I failed it. Probably because of said lather instead of anything else. Hindsight. You see, I was just certain I was going to fail that test. I don't know why. I just was. When the nurse took my blood pressure that afternoon, it was 148/80. My normal blood pressure is 110/70. Or lower. I said to the nurse, "Wow, that's high!" She said, "Yeah, we'll try again in a couple of minutes." Coupla minutes pass, blood pressure is taken again, result is a bit better - 138/80, but still sky high. Also turns out that when your body feels you are stressed, you know what it does? It holds sugar. Nice going, Ate Up. Nice going.

26 weeks (5) (by Ateupamateur)
Side view.

So I failed the test and was sent to then take the three hour glucose test the following week. But this test, in addition to being three hours long. THREE HOURS LONG. A THREE HOUR TEST. A THREE HOUR TEST. In addition to that, you have to eat NO SUGAR, mainly protein for three days prior and then you must fast from 10pm the night before you go into the lab at 8:30am. I am here to tell you I am not much on sugar these days, but I do like me some fruit. And an occasional carb. So three protein days were a buzzkill. Then, I will let you imagine what a lovely human I was after no coffee or breakfast. For three hours. Did I mention it was a three hour test? Maybe I did.

26 weeks (11) (by Ateupamateur)
S then went all "artistic" on me...a close up.

So they take your blood when you arrive. Then you drink this super sweet orange carbonated liquid. Then they take your blood at one hour. At two hours. At three hours. By the time I got to three hours, sister, I was in no shape to be on this planet. But, I was calm for the test. And I had resolved that if I ended up with gestational diabetes, it wasn't the end of the world. It would be a pain, but it would be alright. You cannot control if you get it, but you can control how you react to it, how you control your diet, etc. If controlled, there is no adverse effect on the baby. And it goes away after the baby is born.

26 weeks (7) (by Ateupamateur)
Me, wondering what the heck S is doing.

Back to my state at the end of the test. S wrote me an email asking if I wanted to meet up for lunch. I wrote him back sure, but if he wasn't there when I got to the restaurant, I was starting without him. Then, before he received my email, he phoned me and asked me if I wanted to meet up. At this point what I can only describe as a hunger-pregnancy-no caffeine induced meltdown ensued. I thought he was calling to ask me to wait for him. I said, probably louder than a normal speaking tone, "I said I would like to meet, but I am NOT waiting for you!" He said, "Why are you yelling at me?" Then I said something like, "Do you get what I'm saying man? I am NOT waiting for you - I haven't eaten in FOURTEEN HOURS!!!" (I do want to point out that 14 hours without food is cruel and unusual punishment for a pregnant lady. Thank you.) Tears started gushing from my eyes. I started repeating, "Do you get what I'm saying?" I was now in a full-on bawling session, driving down the road to eat. I think he got that I was not rational at that moment. He met me...and had tea, since I had already eaten. God bless him. I think he loves me.

26 weeks (4) (by Ateupamateur)
Me, asking what he's doing. "Being artistic," he said.

OK, so this story is getting way too long, but I waited for the results the next day which I was sure were going to confirm gestational diabetes...meaning dietitians, food journals, finger pricks for the next three months. But the nurse called. And it turns out I don't have it. Amen. I'm moving on and am so thankful!

Mother's Day Flowers (by Ateupamateur)
Orchids and lemons...how unique and fabulous!

Also in the "I think he loves me!" category...Monday S sent flowers to my place of employment. Why? Wait for it...for MOTHER'S DAY! Awwwwwww! So I could enjoy them all week. What a doll. I wasn't really expecting a Mother's Day gift - I mean, I am not yet a MOTHER and all, but it was such a wonderfully sweet, loving, kind gesture. And sister, I'm enjoying the heck out of those flowers.

26 weeks (3) (by Ateupamateur)
So there's the update. On this topic.
Once again. See you soon.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Wedding

Saturday we attended a wedding of some friends of ours from undergraduate days at SMU. Juliana and Alex - they didn't meet while they were at SMU, but rather at alumni gatherings just a few years ago. And now they are married. Here are some highlights - something was amiss with the camera - hope it's not going downhill again - don't think so - just think this crazy photographer needs to check her settings more regularly. Anyway...here we go!

IMG_6390 (by Ateupamateur)
Our pew at the church.
Kevin and Kellie, Tricia and Wayne, S on the other end.

As people arrived to our pew, I made them move on in, and I kept the aisle seat so I could take some photos. Rabid photo taker I am, they all obliged. But S ended up on the other end!

IMG_6394 (by Ateupamateur)
Awaiting the bride.

IMG_6397 (by Ateupamateur)
And then she came right on down the aisle near me with her dad!
Score on the bride photo!

IMG_6402 (by Ateupamateur)
Advice was given, vows were said, rings were exchanged.

IMG_6406 (by Ateupamateur)
Then they were official. Mr. and Mrs.
Blurry photo by me, of course.

IMG_6411 (by Ateupamateur)
Tricia, me and Kellie at the reception.

I thought this was a good photo of all three of us, no? Just strange yellowness because of the camera settings. We have not all become jaundiced. Don't call the physician just yet. We're all fine.

IMG_6412 (by Ateupamateur)
Beautiful flowers...

IMG_6413 (by Ateupamateur)
...beautiful cake...

IMG_6416 (by Ateupamateur)

IMG_6415 (by Ateupamateur)
...proof the groom did go to SMU and was in the band!

IMG_6419 (by Ateupamateur)
The reception was SRO!

IMG_6421 (by Ateupamateur)
Here are the hubbies...no they aren't jaundiced either.
Kevin (Kellie), Wayne (Tricia) and of course, my S.

IMG_6426 (by Ateupamateur)
S grabbed the camera and turned on the flash...

IMG_6427 (by Ateupamateur)
...I was telling him to turn off the flash here. Clearly.

IMG_6429 (by Ateupamateur)
Then, S and I took at turn at jaundiced together.

Yes, S has new specs. Nice, huh? Very Euro-forward, no? Or something. I think they look nice on him whatever the style is supposed to be.

IMG_6430 (by Ateupamateur)
A quickly snapped shot of the new Mr. and Mrs.

IMG_6432 (by Ateupamateur)
And one of Kellie and S with them.
Kellie, Alex and S were all in the same class.

So there you have it! The tainted highlights of a beautiful affair. Tainting by me, beauty by the newly wedded couple. May they enjoy years and years of happiness. All the best to Juliana and Alex!

See you soon.