Thursday, July 30, 2009

Drumroll please...

Come on people, I might as well make it seem like they won SOMETHING, you know, so at least they win SOMEWHERE! Cut me some slack. This was a DIFFICULT process for me - I clearly need a life, you know, so simmer down. Here's your answer. The winners of which photos to enter into this year's State Fair of Texas contest. That answer is indeed, in fact, in total, found in this post.

I should mention also, I've taken some rather hideous photos to post along with the description of the printed know, just to even things out a bit. Don't want to go all hoity-toity on you or anything. Ahem.

Oh, and I must mention today is my Unk's birthday. Happy Birthday to him! Incidentally, after the one year anniversary of this blog, I'm going to stop the birthday stuff, though, because I've been horribly uneven about it since I have no method I'm following to remember all the birthdays of the people important to me. It's more of a "if I remember it while I'm typing the blog" sort of thing. Shoddy at best. Gonna stop doing it. But, today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Unk. I love him very much and hope he has a great day!

So, the five the Ate Up Amateur printed were the gate to the Texas sky, the butterfly on Texas thistle, the sunflower with bee, bovine baptism I, and the close-up rubber duckies.

I did not print the barn because I could not enter two into the Texas Rural Scenes category, and I was pretty sure I'd be entering some bovine. But I love the barn. I did not print the fall leaves at White Rock Lake because I decided there could potentially be hundreds of fall foliage photos and that would not stand out. But I love the leaves. And, I mentioned, even though the Ferris wheel was most mentioned, I did not print it as I felt it would be an overdone subject in this competition specifically. But I love the Ferris wheel - it was raining that day and it was a darn hard photo to get, so I'm just glad I got it. Similarly, I did not print the lone bull as I felt it was a more "ordinary" shot, available to many photographers. But I love the lone bull. And that's no bull. Heh heh. Never gets old to me. I bet you never guessed that.

After having to be cropped - digital images are wider than conventional sizing, so every image had to be cropped, and the first set of prints didn't save my cropping, so they printed them again for me - and, after being printed, I knew they would look different. Due to the width constraints, the gate to the Texas sky took a hit. Not as striking without both anchor sides. But, otherwise the cropping wasn't too detrimental. The flower had less space around it, the cow on the far right of the photo disappeared at the baptism, the duckies to the far left are gone now, and the edges of the butterfly photo came off easily. I could have chosen to print a smaller photo, just on an 11 x 14 mount, and matted it. Perhaps, next year, when I can plan ahead and not do all of this at the last minute, I will do that.

We - S and I, and even his parents who stopped by to help with this ridiculously hard and long decision - we sat and stared at them. We ruminated. Moved them around. Stared at them some more. Looked at the categories. Held them up to different light.

And then, we decided. After, as you most CERTAINLY know by now, after much deliberation and emotional collateral spent, we decided on two STINKING photos to enter into the contest.

Bovine Baptism I and the rubber duckies, which I titled, "Bobbing Along at the Beautiful State Fair of Texas." I know. Lame name. I entered the bovines into the "Texas Rural/Scenes" category and the duckies in the "State Fair" category. I chose these because I thought they were both relatively unique subjects and fit the categories very well.

I could have gone in really any direction, but at the end of the angst, that was the decision. Sorry if your favorite didn't make the cut. It doesn't mean I didn't appreciate your feedback any less. I didn't. I loved every last second of feedback I got. It was FABULOUS to get so many opinions and points of view. I'm mourning their loss right on with you...I mean, we haven't even mentioned my dismay that the big bug, sweet Ellie or the holiday lights didn't even make it to day two! And, not to mention I have about as much of a chance of winning this silly contest as I do winning the lottery.

There's the decision. I'm going to walk them in today. No one will ever know if it's the right decision. But, the good thing is, no one will die. No one will even miss a beat. No wars will be started. Heck, no recessions will be lifted. It's no big deal at all. And now it's done.

And, of course, if anything comes of it, you'll hear about it here. You know I will certainly let you know. See you tomorrow.


  1. Great job, and great choices, Amy. I have a strong feeling you will be taking friends and family to the fair to gaze at your photo(s) on display... Those wet cows are good luck.


  2. Awesome!!!


  3. Are they printed on canvas? I will also buy the sunflower and gate photos from you. I love them that much and think they would look great in my home. You should start an etsy store selling your photos!


  4. I think you made great choices on both photos! Best of luck! I hope to see your pics. when I'm there!


  5. You THINK no wars will be started. Well, maybe I just have to send the lone bull over to your house to start one. :) I think they look great! Good luck!


  6. All were fantastic photos!! Feel good about your decision, you certainly put your heart into it. Good Luck!


  7. Amy your talents are endless! Your choices are beautiful!


  8. It's interesting how different they look when they are blown up. Where do you go to have that done?


  9. Good choices! I think you have a great chance of winning, and if I were you, I'd buy a lotto ticket!


  10. great looking forward going to fair and seeing your ribbon!


  11. I think the duckie photo is awesome, unique, and fun. And the cows for the rural scene was a great choice, though I loved the butterfly too.

    I keep threatening to submit some scrapbook pages to the State Fair, but always forget until after the August deadline. Am I too late?



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