Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Made it to Vail

Flowers along Gore Creek on the "way to work."

We did finally make it here last night. After a couple of stops along the way and my mother navigating Denver traffic and semi truckers on hills, we still made it here alive. Amazing. It was a very long two days, worrying about S and getting out of town. And, a few items needed attention once we got here. So, I was up late. Very late. After not sleeping too well in ol' Amarillo, getting up early and driving all day. I was spent.

S is doing great - he's worn out from the days of fever, but feeling great otherwise, thank goodness. What's more, the doctor thinks maybe it was just a normal ol' bug anyone might get and not his colitis. Even better.

Me, outside our hotel room.
Or, should I say - chubby, tired, pale, no-make-up, me.

Just a couple of photos today - I took a quick walk over to the "office" last night to make sure I knew the way for this morning and caught a couple of photos. And, there are some here from near the hotel.

The hotel balcony.

The altitude sickness is not too bad so far. I love that medicine. Makes all the difference.

View from the balcony.
Toto, I don't think we're in Dallas anymore.

I am tweeting for work this week and next, so I may not tweet on my own account quite as much. If you use Twitter and want to follow my work tweets this week, you can do so @DallasSymphony. I don't talk about my job on this blog because it's a personal blog, but since I'll be doing that in an "official" capacity, I thought I'd share.

Another balcony view.

And one more.

It is much cooler here - not as cool as the weather forecast led me to believe it would be, but still cool. And that's wonderful. Just wonderful.

And, one more from the "walk to work."

I'll have more interesting things to say, I hope, going forward, when I get caught up on my sleep and get into the work and excitement of the place. See you tomorrow.


  1. room 381? really?

  2. Yes, room 381. Why? Did you stay there?


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