Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Amarillo This Morning

Setting sun on the way to Amarillo.

Yes, people, yes, George Strait. Thanks for playing. The first "name that anything" that received more than one guess. Kellie got the "Big Fat Greek Wedding" reference a week or so ago. But, I was starting to wonder if I was the only person who "got" music and movie references. So, thanks for restoring my faith in humanity. Thank you.

My attempt at an art shot - the Texas flag on the front of a semi in the rear view mirror.

We indeed make it to Amarillo by morning. Last night, actually. We spoke with S's doctor, got him on some new medicine and scheduled to go into the doctor's office this morning. I got him situated on the couch and cleaned the sheets. Then we headed to Amarillo. The photos in this post were on the fly, while driving, on the road to Amarillo, with the camera phone.

Pretty yellow field.

When I spoke with S after leaving town, I learned his fever was at bay for the first time in four days. That was a huge improvement. And, he seemed to be in good spirits. And, I have to thank his parents a million times over because they are staying with him tonight at our house and taking him to the doctor in the morning so I could go ahead and get on down the road. THANK YOU to them! S is in great hands.

Flat, flat land.

When I went to check in at our hotel - the Ambassador hotel - I was told I would have no pillows in my room. Yep - you see, I'm allergic to feathers, and I asked for a feather free room. So, they took them out and had no foam pillows for the room. People, I have asked for a feather free room all over the planet and never had a problem getting foam pillows. Except at the Ambassador Hotel in Amarillo. Don't stay there, please. I didn't. I did not check in. Instead, I went down the road to the Ashmore Hotel. Stay at the Ashmore Hotel. They have foam pillows. And free breakfast. The pillow thing was just a crazy ending to a crazy day. Glad to be on down the road, though, and with a husband on the mend.

So this morning we're up early and on the road to Vail. I'll let you know how that goes and give you an update on S tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.

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