Monday, December 31, 2012

Good-bye 2012

Another year in the books, another year on the horizon. We hope you have a great New Year's Eve!

We spent some of the day in the falling snow!
Making snowballs!

See you soon!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to my friends and family who are kind enough to occasionally read this blog:

xmas 12 for blog front

xmas 12 for blog

And Happy Birthday to my S, the love of my life. We will celebrate the Savior's birth and Santa, today, open presents and spend time with our Dallas family, and then get prepared to hopefully visit Indiana family soon. I have high hopes of it being a great day.

I hope your holidays are happy ones. 

See you soon.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Big Boy Bed

My original plan for moving LM to a big boy bed was to do it around 5 years old. I mean, why get in a hurry with it? But, the boy was regularly waking himself up by banging into the sides of the crib. So, we decided maybe it was time to move him out of it. 

We had a double bed stored at S's parent's house, that used to be in that room, before we had the LM. We decided it would work for now, and once we get moved and settled, perhaps we'll get him bunk beds or something like that. 

Of course, when I was putting him to bed in his crib for the last time, I got teary-eyed. My baby is growing up so fast! So, I told S I wanted to take photos of him in his crib the next morning before we got him out of it. Then, when S and my FIL Sam got the new bed all set up, I took some photos of him enjoying it in his new room:

big boy bed

He would not nap in the new bed, once it was set up. Then, he would not go to bed at night in it. Eventually, Daddy convinced him to go to sleep at night, and he slept well until about 4am when he fell out of it. We thought we had fortified him with pillows, but clearly we'll need to get something else to keep this boy in that bed for a while! I hope, after a few days, he will sleep well in the new bed. Since it seems to be exciting to him, but somewhat overwhelming too, I'm glad we went ahead and did it when we'll be home for a few days and before we move. Hopefully this will smooth out the transition.

See you soon.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Santa Comparison

I recently asked my mom and my MIL to look for photos of me and S with Santa, around the age that LM is now. Did you follow that? My mom found one where I'm a year older than LM is now - I'm 3.5:


My mom says the back of the photo states it was the first time I actually agreed to sit on Santa's lap. Apparently before this time, I just stood, clinging to my parents, screaming in horror. In my defense, if Santa was looking at you like that, wouldn't you think twice before sitting on his lap?

santa comparison

But I digress...the thing I like about this photo is, I can see LM in it! We ARE related! Imagine! It's a Christmas miracle! 

Cheryl went looking for photos of S on Santa's lap around the same time, and came up dry. She did find some great, cute photos of S at Christmastime when he was 2, but for some reason I cannot get my scanner to make them into jpgs - only pdfs, which is useless to me for this exercise. If I get it figured out, I will post some of those too! Because, of course, he looks a LOT like S at this age too. In fact, when S showed LM the photos of S at age 2, LM thought they were of him. Ahem.

Anyhoo - that's it for today. Hope you are all settled in for the holidays. You are, right? Right, of course you are. 

See you soon.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Also Rans

As I mentioned, I finished up a great photography class last weekend. I was supposed to take one great shot. I waited until Sunday to do anything about this - the day the great shot was due. I did not get a great shot at all, really, but some decent shots, all in manual mode, and I thought I'd share them with you.

I should say this class required we shoot in jpg instead of raw, and not process the photos at all - only this last week we were allowed to crop. That's it! You had to shoot in manual, getting the shutter speed, ISO, aperture, white balance, focus and metering right IN CAMERA. A lot for a girl to keep track of, when she's new at keeping track of it all. Here are the also rans:

The boy, not being very cooperative.

I took him out to the front lawn in morning light, with no shoes. I am such a great mom. There was enough good light to get better light in his eyes, but he wouldn't look at me when I wanted him to do it. So, I didn't us this one because the light wasn't great in his eyes. And it's sort of a funny look on his face.

My boys, playing around.

One thing I want to be more deliberate about, is taking "good" shots of everyday life - not just snapshots where I don't pay attention to the composition. As you know, we are trying to box things up, in the anticipation of moving out for construction after the first of the year. LM was in love with this big box. S climbed in with him. Sweet photo, but again the boy wasn't cooperating too much. That said, good light, good composition, good white balance and exposure.

Sweet, but I didn't like the crop.
And it could have been a bit brighter.

I like this crop, but I felt the eyes, again, needed more light.

I turned this one in as my final photo.

I could have upped the ISO on this one, as it was getting dark. But I like the composition, the light in the background, the white and definition on the duck, the reflection, and the motion through the photo.

This is the "other" duck photo...I think it looks like the duck is smiling.
But I like the crop of the other one better.

Another option with birds - but the focus wasn't as good.

I snapped this one just before they got in the car.
But it's way too dark. For the assignment.

However, not too dark to be fixed and processed into a great photo.
I love this one, of course!

As I said, the class was a great one. I will continue to read through the notes and try to learn more. It was great to learn more about this hobby of mine. 

See you soon.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Random Update

We had a productive and busy weekend here at the Ate Up Household. I created a "TO DO" list before the weekend began, and with the recent news, I needed to stay busy, so we actually made great progress on it:

Saturday - 

 - take Echo for shot - check! (needed before we board her next week)
 - get LM's hair trimmed up - check! 
 - get stuff for goodie bags - check! (this is for LM's class holiday party)

 - go to christkindl market - check!

 - finalize shopping - check-minus! (still need to do this in greater detail)
 - do christmas cards - check, except it happened all on Sunday!

 - go out Saturday night - check, and a wonderful time we had, by the way!

Sunday - 

 - pick up chocolates - check! (gifts for people at work)
 - laundry - check! (thanks to S) 
 - finish photography class - check! (not to my satisfaction, but finished nonetheless)

final shot submitted for the photography class

 - finish cards - check! (which really meant "start cards")
 - set up LMs big boy bed - NOPE! This one got moved to next weekend


In addition, we had some really lovely quality time as a family...




...ate some good food, read some good books, and didn't watch a stitch of news coverage. 

I still had a hard time saying goodbye to this boy this morning, though.
It's hard to think I cannot always keep him safe.

In other news, this recently happened:

My almost twelve year old car finally hit 100K!

And, we were able to relatively inexpensively fix my car once more, so we (I use the term "we" loosely here, as S was not in total agreement, but he left me be) decided to keep it for a while longer. 

See you soon.

Friday, December 14, 2012

For Amanda's Cards


After the photo shoot at work I took some photos for my friend Amanda's Christmas cards. They turned out pretty cute - I mean, how could they not with these two cuties in their sweet outfits:






There were several photos that didn't make the cut where LM was photo bombing the shot. 

So, at the end I took a few of him. They turned out pretty cute too:



I really love this time of year.

See you soon!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Photo Shoot

I took LM to to work last week so he could be part of a photo shoot for some kiddie brochures. He was a little young for it, and I'm not entirely sure he was helpful to the situation. I took a few snapshots of the action, though, here:

He started out being fascinated with his own reflection.
Showing off his maturity and intelligence, of course.

There were some real cuties at this outing.






They also took some photos of people in costumes for the Halloween brochure
Most of this outfit was also S's when he was little. Cute, huh?





After this, he was done. We went into the hall to take some photos in Santa hats, and he would NOT leave his on for one second. Other kids cooperated though, so I hope they got what they needed!

See you soon.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Visiting Santa: The Big Man Himself


So, we left off yesterday, finally able to line up to see Santa. The boy was so excited about this turn of events! The anticipation was killing him, though. We had dragged him all over the mall for a couple of hours, and he really wanted to see this guy! They have been reading about Santa at school and we have talked about him at home, and this kid was VERY excited to have his time with him.

In fact, just before we turned the corner, he was having a hard time knowing what to do.

But then, it was FINALLY his turn.




Santa spoke to him in great detail about how this all works.

If he's a good boy, he'll bring him presents.

LM didn't have much to say - his present list is very short anyway...
...he would like some boots.

And Santa also told him to leave out some cookies.

Then he gave LM a photo of himself.
This has become a prized possession.
Sometimes LM just sits and stares at it.


Afterward, he told Daddy all about his visit with Santa




Then Mommy went and bought two of the "official" photos.
This is one. 

And this is two. 
They do a really nice job.

As I said at the top of the first post on this time together, it was a really special afternoon. It's a Christmas memory with my child I will always remember. It was very cool.

See you soon.