Sunday, December 23, 2012

Big Boy Bed

My original plan for moving LM to a big boy bed was to do it around 5 years old. I mean, why get in a hurry with it? But, the boy was regularly waking himself up by banging into the sides of the crib. So, we decided maybe it was time to move him out of it. 

We had a double bed stored at S's parent's house, that used to be in that room, before we had the LM. We decided it would work for now, and once we get moved and settled, perhaps we'll get him bunk beds or something like that. 

Of course, when I was putting him to bed in his crib for the last time, I got teary-eyed. My baby is growing up so fast! So, I told S I wanted to take photos of him in his crib the next morning before we got him out of it. Then, when S and my FIL Sam got the new bed all set up, I took some photos of him enjoying it in his new room:

big boy bed

He would not nap in the new bed, once it was set up. Then, he would not go to bed at night in it. Eventually, Daddy convinced him to go to sleep at night, and he slept well until about 4am when he fell out of it. We thought we had fortified him with pillows, but clearly we'll need to get something else to keep this boy in that bed for a while! I hope, after a few days, he will sleep well in the new bed. Since it seems to be exciting to him, but somewhat overwhelming too, I'm glad we went ahead and did it when we'll be home for a few days and before we move. Hopefully this will smooth out the transition.

See you soon.

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