Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Also Rans

As I mentioned, I finished up a great photography class last weekend. I was supposed to take one great shot. I waited until Sunday to do anything about this - the day the great shot was due. I did not get a great shot at all, really, but some decent shots, all in manual mode, and I thought I'd share them with you.

I should say this class required we shoot in jpg instead of raw, and not process the photos at all - only this last week we were allowed to crop. That's it! You had to shoot in manual, getting the shutter speed, ISO, aperture, white balance, focus and metering right IN CAMERA. A lot for a girl to keep track of, when she's new at keeping track of it all. Here are the also rans:

The boy, not being very cooperative.

I took him out to the front lawn in morning light, with no shoes. I am such a great mom. There was enough good light to get better light in his eyes, but he wouldn't look at me when I wanted him to do it. So, I didn't us this one because the light wasn't great in his eyes. And it's sort of a funny look on his face.

My boys, playing around.

One thing I want to be more deliberate about, is taking "good" shots of everyday life - not just snapshots where I don't pay attention to the composition. As you know, we are trying to box things up, in the anticipation of moving out for construction after the first of the year. LM was in love with this big box. S climbed in with him. Sweet photo, but again the boy wasn't cooperating too much. That said, good light, good composition, good white balance and exposure.

Sweet, but I didn't like the crop.
And it could have been a bit brighter.

I like this crop, but I felt the eyes, again, needed more light.

I turned this one in as my final photo.

I could have upped the ISO on this one, as it was getting dark. But I like the composition, the light in the background, the white and definition on the duck, the reflection, and the motion through the photo.

This is the "other" duck photo...I think it looks like the duck is smiling.
But I like the crop of the other one better.

Another option with birds - but the focus wasn't as good.

I snapped this one just before they got in the car.
But it's way too dark. For the assignment.

However, not too dark to be fixed and processed into a great photo.
I love this one, of course!

As I said, the class was a great one. I will continue to read through the notes and try to learn more. It was great to learn more about this hobby of mine. 

See you soon.

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