Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Santa Comparison

I recently asked my mom and my MIL to look for photos of me and S with Santa, around the age that LM is now. Did you follow that? My mom found one where I'm a year older than LM is now - I'm 3.5:


My mom says the back of the photo states it was the first time I actually agreed to sit on Santa's lap. Apparently before this time, I just stood, clinging to my parents, screaming in horror. In my defense, if Santa was looking at you like that, wouldn't you think twice before sitting on his lap?

santa comparison

But I digress...the thing I like about this photo is, I can see LM in it! We ARE related! Imagine! It's a Christmas miracle! 

Cheryl went looking for photos of S on Santa's lap around the same time, and came up dry. She did find some great, cute photos of S at Christmastime when he was 2, but for some reason I cannot get my scanner to make them into jpgs - only pdfs, which is useless to me for this exercise. If I get it figured out, I will post some of those too! Because, of course, he looks a LOT like S at this age too. In fact, when S showed LM the photos of S at age 2, LM thought they were of him. Ahem.

Anyhoo - that's it for today. Hope you are all settled in for the holidays. You are, right? Right, of course you are. 

See you soon.

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