Monday, July 30, 2012

State Fair 2012 Entries

So it's that time of year again - time to enter the State Fair of Texas amateur photography competition. I almost let it slip by without entering, but I got it in under the wire, only because they have changed the rules. You can now drop off your photos on creative arts drop off day, later in August. They used to have to be mailed in. Sister, if I had to have mailed anything but a registration form, it would have been all over. Because I'm just living that sort of life these days. Last minute all the time. Oy.

OK, so I knew I wanted to enter this one:

IMG_8840 original

This will have to go into the "preschool children" category...which, my friends, is a highly competitive category, in my opinion. So, I haven't wanted to enter it before. And I'm not sure I'll have any luck there, but this photo evokes Texas to me in ways that are unique and action filled. It has bluebonnets, but in not an entirely predictable way. It has a Normal Rockwell-esque feel to me, as it looks like the boy is getting ready to take off on that rocker. So, there it is.

Then, I had to turn in the form without really thinking through all my other photo options. I remembered taking some photos at the Ft. Worth Zoo last fall that I liked, so I entered the other category as "Animals/wild". And, when I went back to look at those animals, I decided this one was the winner. I have never really paid attention to this category, and since this isn't "Texas-y" it may not get any attention at all, but here it is:

Jaguar original edited

Judging takes place toward the end of August and so I'll let you know if I get anything. Every year I've entered so far I've received some sort of ribbon, so I have high hopes, but you know one can never tell what they are really going for. Or at least I can't. I look at the winners every year and don't agree with the outcome regularly, so I leave it to them, and will be happy to have entered no matter what. 

OK, here's to a great Monday. 

See you soon!

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Last Bit of Colorado

Next week I'll get around to the Little Man's birthday and other exciting events that have occurred this past week. But, for today, one last Colorado post:


The afternoon of the mountain trip, we headed into town to do some shopping. It did start to rain, eventually, but we survived, and had some fun checking out the little shops of Breckenridge. Needless to say, this was not the most exciting part of the trip for LM. He napped for a short time, and Daddy got swindled  bought this moose for him to help the journey so to speak.

Torchy and the Flamingo

Torchy sort of has a thing for flamingos, so when we saw this really big one, we had to get her photo next to it. This little bird was some ungodly amount of money. It was for sale at a little art fair we encountered on our time out.

Later that night, back at the condo.

One thing I bought in Breckenridge was this super hero cape - it was at a store that had lots of stuff they had made and they had capes with all sorts of letters on them. There was an "L" so I bought it. Because a LM can never have too many capes.


And now for some random videos, all taken in Colorado:

Dancing, part 1

Clapping at the concert

Dancing part 2, but there wasn't much of a beat.
And there were big kids to watch.

An attempt to get the cute way he says "umbrella" on film.

OK, and now I'm officially out of Colorado stuff! I hope you all have a great weekend. Later today, we have LM's 2 year doctor appointment. Then, this weekend, we have his friend Tuesday's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, God help us. Then, we are going to a Zoo member event and having dinner with some good friends. And, I have lots of photos to process. So, that's enough. It'll keep us hopping!  

See you soon.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Breckenridge Mountain

We're just about to wrap up these Colorado photos. Which will sadly mean I have to get around to processing more  some of the photos I've taken since then so I can use them for the blog. Ha. So, for today, our ride up Breckenridge Mountain. We got it in just before the rain started, which is of course the order you'd like to do it in, if at all possible. There was way more to do at the top of Breckenridge Mountain than at the top of Vail Mountain, but less the boy could do, because they had this 3 year minimum restriction on everything, including the dang pony ride. That one was totally silly. But, we were able to ride the chair lift on up to the top of the mountain with him. Here are some photos:

First, before we went up the mountain, 
I caught a couple cute ones of the boy, playing on the back patio.



OK, on up in the gondola.


Those dang pine bark beetles had been here, too.

Then up on the chair lift.

I wasn't a big proponent of the chair lift ride. I've got a pretty healthy phobia of heights, and this thing was open air. Also, as we went up the mountain, it was windier and colder on that lift. But, I persevered on behalf of the group. And, it was very pretty on top, so I'm glad I did. 


You can see the rain coming here, and Dad pointing out something interesting.

There was some haze in the air, from the wildfires.










LM was checking out the closed restaurant.
Apparently, it's only open in the winter. 

LM and I missed the "green" memo on this date.

LM and Daddy playing around.

The ride back down was even WINDIER and COLDER.
Seriously cold.

That's Dad and Torchy behind us.

We got on first so I could get a photo of them on the lift, as they were ahead of us on the way there. But, the guy at the top was making three empty seats go by before he loaded another one. So, they were WAY back there. And I want you to know I risked life and limb anyway to turn around and take this photo, which nearly scared me to an early death. But it all turned out OK. Ahem.

There is this beautiful little babbling brook under the ski lift.
Something you would never see in the winter!

There is a pretty good rendering of the activity area on the mountain.
There is a lot of stuff, like I said!

Since we were three cars ahead, though, I could catch them getting off!

The old people get confused sometimes. 
For a second, they thought it was Six Flags.
Hee hee.


They did a good job though!

The green ones and LM.

That rain was getting closer, so we headed on down the gondola too.


This sign amused me.

Me and my Daddy. I'm the one with the nutso smile.
What is that all about?

Now that's a cute kid. 

I'm sure here, he was saying, "Daddy, LM's leaning back."

Then he went sans glasses, briefly.

Because glasses are necessary. And cool.

We liked Breckenridge Mountain, we did.

See you soon.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

HIgh Altitude Biscuits

When we headed over to Breckenridge for a day or so, we made a big ol' breakfast the next morning. So, of course, LM and S had to make biscuits:

You can see who is in charge here.

Oh-oh, Daddy caught up with him.

Time to do something adorably cute and funny!
I wish this was in better focus!

Down to business.


Tasting the dough


Didja get that Mommy?

The place we stayed was awesome.
I highly recommend it and would return.

Serious boys working on serious biscuits.

Serious fun, anyway.

While Daddy's busy, LM eats dough.

The biscuits turned out great. They rose just as they do at home, and S didn't change the recipe at all. So, you know, it worked out just fine. 

See you soon!