Friday, July 13, 2012

Beaver Creek Rodeo

During the first week we were in Vail, on the one night there was not a concert, there was a rodeo over in Beaver Creek, so we decided to check it out. Right as the rodeo was about to begin, the weather settled in for some shenanigans. There was a good stiff wind, cooler temperatures, and rain all around, although not much right AT the rodeo, so we decided to keep on. I'm glad we did, because despite the weather, we had a nice time. Here are some photos:

Outside the arena area.

You can see the wind here.

On the way out the door, we grabbed LM's jacket. SO glad we did, or we would not have been able to stay for any of it. We didn't have jackets for ourselves, but at least LM was relatively warm. Also, you'll note how straight, relatively, his hair is in this photo - the air was so dry up there, the whole time we were in Colorado, that his curls were a lot flatter. Interesting.

There was this tee-pee.

They were face painting in the tee-pee. We didn't go in because we figured LM wouldn't hold still long enough for his face to be painted. Good thing we didn't, because moments after we arrived and that wind started kicking up, the tee-pee was GONE. No one was hurt - they all scattered to the winds and it was OK, but man, it just came down just like that, lickety split!

There were horses - that you could RIDE.



This old boy looked THRILLED at this possibility.
Hee hee.


LM is into anything related to animals these days, but especially enamored with "horseys." We don't call them "horseys" but he does - maybe someone at school calls them that. Anyway, he was totally into seeing the horses, touching them, talking about them. So, we went to get in line to ride one. We were early at the rodeo and were the first in line. We signed the waiver and put a helmet on him.

Waiting to ride.

The horses, all ready. 

And, heading to ride - you can see where this is headed, can't you.

If I had video, you could hear him saying, in his sweet little voice,
"No! No! No! No! No! No horsey! No horsey!"

So we took a picture with the horse and left.

And headed for the beaver tails!

That wind was COLD, people.


Then we went out into the stands to watch a bit of the action.
Only a bit, you understand, because we were cold and wet, so we didn't stay long.



bronco riding

cattle roping


...the rodeo clown - in the red and black in the stands.

We headed back out of the stands after about only 45 minutes of rodeo. That was long enough for the boy, probably, even if it wasn't cold. He wanted to go back over near the horses when we left. So, we decided to ask him if he wanted to try riding the horse again, since the line was down to almost nothing again. He said yes. And THIS TIME, he actually rode that steed!

With a paci of course, because every good horseman uses a paci.





And a look at the exciting ride itself on video.

So, while the weather could have been better, I'm not sure we would have stayed much longer with a toddler anyway. It was a fun, different outing with the boy, and he seemed to enjoy it. So, there you go.

See you soon.

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