Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Couple More To Share

Here are a couple more photos from our "newborn" photo shoot I forgot to share last time...these are from the second shoot, so I didn't use them in the birth announcement card because that was already underway. Otherwise, there probably would have been a mixture from both shoots for the announcement. I have them in house, and am trying to get them out the door! I will post it here too, eventually, since some of you I only communicate with electronically and I cannot snail mail one to your doorstep. Anyhoo, here we go:

booties 3
First, the booties.

A colleague of mine from work bought these adorable booties for LM. He was to be a Leo, with a due date of August 8th...and he IS a Leo, born on the VERY FIRST DAY of the sign! was touch and go there for a while that he would indeed stick with that plan. Anyhoo, Valerie saw these adorable lion booties and thought LM should have them. So nice of her! And, they are so photogenic!

Next up, a couple others:

face close up portrait 2
Seriously mom, enough with the photos!

full body 2
Screen test.

That second one was the "screen test" for the future "naked" photos we intended to take when he fell asleep. We were going to take the diaper off, position him so you would not see the jewels - ahem - and get a few sleepy newborn photos. But I was making sure the lighting was alright, the space was big enough for him, the bean bag had a big enough dip in it, etc. The thing is, when he fell asleep, so did I. I had a very nice nap that day. And we didn't get the naked photos.

Funny story about that too - S was holding him before we set him down for this photo. We were talking about taking the "buff" photos, and S started talking to him, asking him if he authorized us to take nude photos of him. And, honest to God, he made this little cooing noise that sounded EXACTLY like he said, "NO!" Funny. We were going to take them anyway. Ha. So perhaps he got the last word.

And, before we go today, a few "candids" from the past few weeks:

A fabulous one of LM and Nana.
We miss Nana. Sniff.

A popular sleeping pose.
Notice, in someone's arms - not in the crib.

His first day wearing jeans - and the bib my mom made him.

Tummy time during one of the weekly quilt photo sessions.

And one of the sweet boy on the changing pad.
Maybe I shared this one before...can't remember.
Brain still has swiss cheese disease.

OK, there you go. More of the hottest topic on the blog these days. Ha. I do, however, have plans to return to some previous blogging topics very soon. Don't, you know, set your watch to it or anything, but I hope to make the posts a little more regular and perhaps filled with photography and food, too, in addition, of course, to more of the scene stealer Little Man. So, stay tuned - but don't hold your breath or anything - for some of that very soon.

See you then.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Visit to the Arboretum

I am sure there will be many, many trips to the Arboretum in our future. I liked to go there before, but now I have a little baby doll I can prop up in the flowers and take photos! My mom went with us last week and took a few photos of me with the boy, and then again of the three of us. She did a great job as photographer. Here are some highlights.

First, some of the will be easier to pose him when he's a little more upright, of course:

arboretum 11
Just hangin' with the potted plants.

arboretum 12
He slept through most of the visit.

arboretum 15
Funny face.

arboretum smile
A sleep induced smile.

arboretum 24
And he yawns with the best of them!

OK, a couple of me and the Little Man:

arboretum 21
Mama and baby in the garden.

arboretum 18
He is soooo kissable.

arboretum 6
I can't help but smile at him.
I think he was darting his tongue in and out here.

arboretum 26
Proud Mama.

A few of LM and S:

arboretum family 16
S has so many things to teach the LM.

arboretum family 17
Here you can already see he's gonna look like dad.

arboretum family 15
Daddy love is the best.

arboretum family 14
My two boys.
Proud Papa and Little Man.
And last, a few of the family:

arboretum family 13
We can look at him for hours.

arboretum family 9
One day, LM will look at the camera too!

arboretum family 6

arboretum family 5

Arboretum family 2

That last shot - silly pose, but the face on the baby is so sweet it sort of works! So there you have it - some photos in the pretty flowers of our new family of three.

See you soon.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Introducing Katherine Vail

So we have another niece to love! Katherine Vail was born last Friday and we made it by to meet the babe that night. Here are some photos:

Katherine herself.

Katherine, nickname Kate, was seven pounds and fifteen ounces, and nineteen and 3/4 inches long, so a tad larger than her older cousin Little Man. Her parents are both doing well and excited for the new addition, as is big brother Andrew.

Kate and LM

Besides the excitement of meeting the new baby, the most amazing thing about holding her was how SMALL she felt - just seven weeks after his birth, LM is so much bigger that a newborn feels small and light. Boy, do they grow fast. Treasure every moment!

S with his new niece.

S with both babies.

Me with Katherine.

We started talking and holding the baby, and Brooke was busy with hospital stuff when we arrived, so we somehow failed to get a photo of the sweet girl with her actual parents. Egad. My brain doesn't work right these days. Sleep deprivation and hormones take their toll. I hope my co-workers go easy on me during the first weeks back next month - and that the ol' brain will go back to normal! We will be certain to remedy this situation when we see the family next time!

Kate's dad with LM

The only photo we got of Brooke - we'll get one with Kate next time!

Here are a couple more of the new girl:



Anyhoo...the sweet girl is, well, just that, sweet. And it's so very nice to become an aunt again. I think I will probably have only one more time to do that, in November, when Little Man's probable last first cousin enters the earth. Being an aunt is one of the very best jobs in the whole world, so I am so glad little Kate is now here.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ellie Girl

Ellie cropped

We learned some sad news about Ellie last week. She has had some difficulty seeing as of late, so we took her to see a veterinary ophthalmologist. We were hoping to find out she had cataracts or some other malady where she could regain her sight if we only knew what it was.

Ellie December 2007

Instead we found out she has progressive retinal atrophy and is going blind. She is eleven years old, and her breed is genetically predisposed to this sort of illness. There is nothing that can be done to stop the degeneration. The good thing is it is not painful to her in a physical way, so if we can keep her safe in her environment, she should continue to adapt well to the continued loss of her eyesight.

Ellie and her ball

But, of course, this is not news you want to hear. Ellie is our first "baby" and she is aging and it is hard to absorb. Getting old is not for sissies if you're a person or a dog - or someone who is attached to said person or dog! We will be working to make sure Ellie stays safe here at home - we'll put bells on the other animals and teach Little Man to approach her with care. We'll purchase balls that beep so she can still chase a ball the way she loves to do and whatever else it is she needs. And we'll love her through this transition. Because she's still our baby, too.

See you soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Six Weeks Old

In a continuation of the documentation of one Little Man, here are the details of the last three weeks. LM turned six weeks old last Friday. It seems unbelievable he is already six weeks old - that our lives have been changed for six whole weeks. And it has gone very fast, too. All at the same time.

four weeks 1
Four weeks on Nana's quilt.

In the past three weeks, since the last progress post, our LM has grown out of the noodle-y newborn look to more of an "infant" look. He is stronger and bigger and chubbier. There are at least three chins under that little mouth, for instance. He has started getting mad when he gets tired and starts crying if you don't time it right, which I understand is normal for his age. But he is generally still a mellow fellow. In the past three weeks, he has spent some quality time with his Daddy and with his Nana. Daddy was off for two weeks (week three and four) and then Nana came back in town to spend some time with us. Both of them have helped this Mommy immeasurably. In fact, when Nana leaves at the end of this week, this Mommy isn't quite sure what she'll do. But she'll figure it out!

Really checking Nana out early in her visit...he's much chubbier now!

Tummy time.

The boy is holding his head up much more than three weeks ago. He is also smiling "for real" at times and "talking" to us a bit. It's not full throttle yet, but it's getting there. Most of his sounds are still squeals and grunts, though, which makes him sound like a little piglet! He has dropped one nighttime feeding most nights which is nice, and he is still a hearty eater during the day.

A few days later at one month on Nana's quilt.

He is still a good sleeper at night, sleeping 4 to 5 hours at a time. And, he is a good napper during the day - just not in the crib. He has not taken more than a 45 minute nap at one time during the day in the crib. Now, if he has finagled someone into holding him for his nap, he'll sleep two hours, easy. And he's pretty good at finding someone to hold him too...we are all snowed. We'll keep working on sleeping in the crib but we'll probably also have many more naps on someone's chest, and at this point in the game, I'm alright with that.

The whistly-kissy-birdy mouth.

I just like this one.

He is totally out of newborn clothes, having weighed in at 9 lbs 3 ozs at his one month appointment with the pediatrician two weeks ago. He was also over 21 inches long, as of that appointment. I figure he's pushing ten pounds at this point - he's solid, and is starting to develop some awfully cute thunder thighs.

Flaring his nose like Daddy.
Blue eyes for now - probably changing to brown!

Little Man still likes music - he likes when you sing to him - he like just about anything, thank goodness, since I'm not the world's best singer. In fact, me singing to him into his ear is sometimes the only remedy to a really hot screaming fit. He seems to like the swing on most occasions, and is mesmerized by the louvered blinds on the windows behind the chair in his room where we eat. In fact, he looked over and gave them a BIG grin this morning - not at his mama, but at those blinds, as if to say, "Oh hello, old friends!" He is also quite taken by the dark blades on the fan on the ceiling fan in the den.

Five weeks on Nana's quilt.
Mommy had the amplified lens on that day...

Baths are still an event LM isn't totally sure about. But, we have started taking them in the baby tub inside the "big" tub in the bathroom because he pushes up so strongly with his legs that we started worrying about him hitting his head in the sink. Anyhoo, when we started in the tub, we started using the shower head to rinse him off. He LOVES the shower head - he just oohs and girates when we turn it on like it's the best feeling in the whole world. So cute.

Loves the swing Kellie gave us!

As you know, we spent some time trying to photograph the boy in a "newborn" way. I put a few of those on a card to send out as a birth announcement. Now all I have to do is get them actually sent! We have also made it out of the house for a couple of meals and a couple of visits here and there. And since the weather has mercifully cooled off, we have taken some walks around the neighborhood in the Baby Bjorn. Other than that, we still stay home. We try to stay on a routine to eat and sleep well. That goes for baby and mama, of course.

Little Man loves to be sans clothes...

arboretum 7
Here you can see the chubbing-up in full force!

We have made plans to visit Indiana in October. I just couldn't wait to take Luke to meet his Indiana relatives until December. We had to get there sooner. But October is a hard time for S to get away from work. And I wasn't so sure about flying by myself with the boy the first time. So his parents, who have from time to time mentioned they would like to take in a Midwestern autumn, are going to fly up with me. I am very glad they were willing to sign up for the trip - I feel better about doing the flying with someone by my side. While we're in Indy, I'll visit with friends and relatives and they will take in several fall festivals around the state and take in the autumnal Midwestern hospitality. Then we'll all fly back to Dallas. I can't wait. And of course, I'll write all about it here on the blog.

six weeks 3
Six weeks old on Nana's quilt.

So there you go -a little six week update. See you soon.