Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Introducing Katherine Vail

So we have another niece to love! Katherine Vail was born last Friday and we made it by to meet the babe that night. Here are some photos:

Katherine herself.

Katherine, nickname Kate, was seven pounds and fifteen ounces, and nineteen and 3/4 inches long, so a tad larger than her older cousin Little Man. Her parents are both doing well and excited for the new addition, as is big brother Andrew.

Kate and LM

Besides the excitement of meeting the new baby, the most amazing thing about holding her was how SMALL she felt - just seven weeks after his birth, LM is so much bigger that a newborn feels small and light. Boy, do they grow fast. Treasure every moment!

S with his new niece.

S with both babies.

Me with Katherine.

We started talking and holding the baby, and Brooke was busy with hospital stuff when we arrived, so we somehow failed to get a photo of the sweet girl with her actual parents. Egad. My brain doesn't work right these days. Sleep deprivation and hormones take their toll. I hope my co-workers go easy on me during the first weeks back next month - and that the ol' brain will go back to normal! We will be certain to remedy this situation when we see the family next time!

Kate's dad with LM

The only photo we got of Brooke - we'll get one with Kate next time!

Here are a couple more of the new girl:



Anyhoo...the sweet girl is, well, just that, sweet. And it's so very nice to become an aunt again. I think I will probably have only one more time to do that, in November, when Little Man's probable last first cousin enters the earth. Being an aunt is one of the very best jobs in the whole world, so I am so glad little Kate is now here.

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  1. Precious! Can not get over all that dark hair! I think she looks like her Daddy.



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