Friday, September 17, 2010

A Visit to the Arboretum

I am sure there will be many, many trips to the Arboretum in our future. I liked to go there before, but now I have a little baby doll I can prop up in the flowers and take photos! My mom went with us last week and took a few photos of me with the boy, and then again of the three of us. She did a great job as photographer. Here are some highlights.

First, some of the will be easier to pose him when he's a little more upright, of course:

arboretum 11
Just hangin' with the potted plants.

arboretum 12
He slept through most of the visit.

arboretum 15
Funny face.

arboretum smile
A sleep induced smile.

arboretum 24
And he yawns with the best of them!

OK, a couple of me and the Little Man:

arboretum 21
Mama and baby in the garden.

arboretum 18
He is soooo kissable.

arboretum 6
I can't help but smile at him.
I think he was darting his tongue in and out here.

arboretum 26
Proud Mama.

A few of LM and S:

arboretum family 16
S has so many things to teach the LM.

arboretum family 17
Here you can already see he's gonna look like dad.

arboretum family 15
Daddy love is the best.

arboretum family 14
My two boys.
Proud Papa and Little Man.
And last, a few of the family:

arboretum family 13
We can look at him for hours.

arboretum family 9
One day, LM will look at the camera too!

arboretum family 6

arboretum family 5

Arboretum family 2

That last shot - silly pose, but the face on the baby is so sweet it sort of works! So there you have it - some photos in the pretty flowers of our new family of three.

See you soon.


  1. Ok, LOVE the one of you smiling at him and the one of the 2 of you kissing him at the end. SO SWEET.

  2. The pictures are great, made me cry......

  3. Enjoying the photos again and even higher resolution than on Facebook. Love 'em.


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