Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Baby Boy is One Year Old!

It doesn't seem possible that it's time to write this post, but my Baby Boy is one year old today. I have missed a few month's retelling on the blog...but I cannot miss this day! We celebrated his birthday last weekend, and I'll share some photos from that soiree on another post.

Newly born

On this day a year ago, we headed to the hospital very early in the morning. On the way to the hospital, we discussed the last few names we had on the table to decide on the ONE for our boy. With Little Man, we had one name that came to the front very early in the process, but this time, it took a while to decide on the best choice for our boy. But, we came to a decision on the way to the hospital. We were ready! There are more details about that day a year ago in this post.

1 month
One Month Old

The first three months of BB's life were at home in Dallas, with both of his parents, as S was still on his sabbatical and I was on maternity leave. This was a special time in all our lives for some many reasons - we won't certainly have such a time, perhaps ever again, when we were together full time, all of us. We were getting to know our new son and helping LM get used to having a sibling. It was a time of transition and special memories. We spent some time in Ft. Worth, as well as took a trip to Indiana for BB to meet his Hoosier relatives.

2 months
Two Months Old

3 months
Three Months Old

Just before his third month birthday, I returned to work, and made yet another transition. BB stayed at home with S, and LM was at preschool several hours a week. While I missed being home with my family, I enjoyed my work and stepped back into it full force for the hours required. In the evenings and on weekends, I enjoyed snuggling my boys and spending time with my family. Around this time we also baptized BB and enjoyed some time with family celebrating this important day in his life. 

4 months
Four Months Old

5 months
Five Months Old

Shortly after BB turned 4 months old, and before his 5th month was to pass, S's sabbatical came to and end when he took an exciting opportunity that was to move us from our beloved Dallas - all our family and friends therein, to the Chicago area. It was a lot to take in. I left my job, we put our house on the market, started searching for a home further north, and made plans for a quick move. It was decided I would not work for at least a year to help the family make this transition. I am so glad we were able to do that, as I believe it has helped our family immensely during this time. Through all of this change, BB continued to be a sweet, mellow boy with the most even temperament.

6 months
Six Months Old - days before the big move

7 months
Seven Months Old - in the apartment

Our home sold the first day on the market, so we moved the weekend of Labor Day to Illinois, to a corporate apartment. We spent BB's 6th month there, and a little of the seventh. At his six month appointment, it was clear, while he is a happy and healthy boy, he was falling behind normal development in gross motor skills. While at the apartment, I started working with him to try to correct this slight delay. We spent many hours in front of a mirror on the floor, learning to sit. 

8 months
Eight Months Old - in the new house

During BB's 7th month, in October, we moved to our new home. I cannot tell you how much I, especially as we are now settling in, love this house. We were out of space for quite some time in Dallas, and had put off moving for this reason or that. It is so nice to have a newer home with fewer creaks and moans, and more space. We still have some boxes, but we are getting there. 

9 months
Nine Months Old (visiting Nana for Thanksgiving) 

So, as the fall progressed into winter, we were able to really settle again after all this change, and start to make our new life in our new place. LM is in preschool, I am involved in a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group, S is working diligently at his new post, and we have a new routine. This has to be good for all of us, not the least of which is sweet, mellow BB. At his 9 month appointment, it was clear his motor delay was not better, but in fact perhaps a little worse. He did not stand yet, or crawl. This led us to be evaluated, over months 10 and 11, by Illinois Early Intervention. 

10 months
Ten Months Old - Christmas Day

He shows no delay in any area, except motor skills, so he is now receiving physical therapy once a week to try to help him catch up to age appropriate development. While this is just now underway, it is going very well. The goal of early intervention is to help children catch up when they are most able to do so - when their bodies and brains are so young and pliable, so that by the time they reach school age they are ready to learn with the student body. At this juncture, given everything else, I believe BB will make quick progress in catching up in these motor skills areas, which is happy news. 

11 months
Eleven Months Old

BB loves to eat - he is a good eater, and also not a very picky one, which I hope stays that way! He also, as previously mentioned, has the most wonderfully mellow personality. He LOVES LM, to the moon and back - and watches his every move if he's in view. He, now that he is sitting quite well and leaning from side to side, as well as twisting to reach things of interest around him on his tummy, has begun to play with toys quite a lot, and LOVE shaking links and small objects to get noise out of them, and balls. He also has a zoo train that he loves to push forward and back. And, he loves Mommy's (or anyone's, really) phone. 

A Valentine photo...

He is also a very verbal child - imagine, me with two verbal children - he says Mama, and Ga for the dog, and Baba, dada, haha, ka, etc. He also love to make other noises with his mouth - raspberries, popping noises and the like. His favorite games are patty cake and peek-a-boo, which he will readily show off and play for you at any turn. And, he has an incredibly infectious laugh and the sweetest smile on the planet. 

...and another one

Now that we are hopefully settled for a long while, it is reassuring to all of us. BB loves his own room and his own bed, and his own routine, and this, I believe, will do wonders for the whole family. I could not have imagined a more wild year, in many ways, and I could not imagine a more precious boy. How grateful we are to have him in our family. We love him very much.

Happy One Year Birthday, my son!

Friday, February 13, 2015

This year, I'll be a City Mom


This year, I'm participating in a very cool program put on by the Illinois Farm Bureau - it's called Illinois Farm Families City Moms - and throughout the year, we will learn about where our food comes from and how to feed our families nutritionally. I blogged about the first week. (I know, ME, BLOG??? But, I promise, more to come) and it is posted on their website. Please read it and ask me questions!


The link is here: My first week as an Illinois Farm Families 'City Mom'


See you soon!