Thursday, March 6, 2014

Baby Boy #2 is Here!

In lightning record time as compared to posting about LM's birth, I am here to share the wonderfully good news of Baby Boy number 2's birth day! Adam Craig Wagliardo was born last Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 7:47 am. He weighed 7 lbs, 2 oz, and was 19 3/4 inches long. I think, after today, we'll know him as BB on this here blog, to stand for Baby Boy - I contemplated other options, because what if I'm still writing here when he's something like 14...but even at 14, he'll still - and always - be my Baby Boy. So, BB it is - joining LM (Little Man) and S to the cast of my family's characters as we move on down the road. So, here we go - here is BB's birth story:

The last photo of the most pregnant I'll ever be.

As you may or may not remember, I had a procedure done back in 2008 that now precludes me from laboring - or having a baby the old fashioned way. I have, now, been pregnant twice, and have never felt what a contraction feels like. I know, strange. In all honesty, I was sort of hoping for one over the weekend, you know, just so I could experience that. But, it did not come to pass. My body will hold and grow a baby just fine. It just will not push it out. So, I had a c-section with LM, and I had another one last week. We scheduled this, as the nurse at my doctor's office puts it, my "Hollywood delivery" several weeks ago, and we chose the first spot of the day - might as well get on with it.


This meant we were scheduled at 7:30am - which meant we were to arrive two hours before that - at 5:30am. LM went Monday night to stay at Nonna and Papa's house, and they came up to the hospital a little later in the morning, when we could get upstairs and into a room, where they wouldn't have to corral a 3 year old in a waiting room. My mom met us at the hospital and said hello and good luck before we went in, and we were signed in and prepping by 5:33am. 

Selfie of a dad of one...soon to be dad of two.

They went through all their procedures, prepping me for surgery. The procedure was slightly different than three years before with LM. First, they moved me into the operating room prior to giving me an epidural, which I think worked way better than the way they did it when LM was born - this way, I was already on the operating table to start - they didn't have to move me until afterwards. 

The operating board - just like on TV! 
(tongue in cheek, people - tongue in cheek)

We were in the operating room and ready to go by 7:19.

Dr. Angel, my doctor, was able to deliver this baby, as we scheduled it on a day she was available well in advance, and the date didn't have to be moved. Dr. Pero, in the same office, assisted. They had some nursing students on hand on this date, and asked if one could stand in for my procedure - we said sure, and we got Jeremy, who is hoping one day to be a nurse anesthetist. He was a very nice young man, and told us after it was all over that ours was the first birth he had ever witnessed, and he would never forget us. The anesthesiologist was a very personable fellow - I think his name was Dr. Koenig - he and the nurse anesthetist on the case - P Dan, they called him - were really great. And, since the nursing student was in the room, Dr. Koenig and the others explained what they were doing every step of the way, which made it pretty interesting for us too.


Much like I reported with LM's birth, having a baby by c-section is truly an out-of-body experience. You are numb from the chest down, but you can feel them move you around as they cut and then push/pull the baby out, then clean you and sew you up. But, there is a curtain up so you can't actually see what they are doing. This was all very much the same with BB's birth. 

And there's the magic time of birth!

What was different was Dr. Angel brought the baby around to me to let me see him almost immediately. And, Dr. Koenig took the camera from S and took photos for us along the way, so S could go over and be totally into watching them clean and check the baby.

 There he is, just being born - cord being cut.
Apparently, he had a very LONG cord.

Dr. Angel with the baby!


So, right as BB came out of the womb, he made a couple small cooing sounds - I could hear he was "here" but not the screaming right away that his brother let out. However, by the time he made it to the warming table to be checked out, he was screaming full throttle. Since this signifies a pair of lungs that are working well, it was again a welcome and reassuring sound.

My reaction upon seeing him.


You will notice this boy has some HAIR on his head - not a ton, but more than LM had.
And, said hair is not black - or even dark brown. 
Dare say - some of it is even BLONDE. 



Besides his coloring, here and for his first few days of life, it felt like I had given birth to a little clone of LM. I think part of this was just getting used to having another baby in my life - I called him LM, and he looked, to me, just like LM at birth. Or pretty darn close to just like LM. But as the swelling in his face went down and I got to know him, he and LM definitely look alike, but they are not clones. They are two beautiful boys, who I am so blessed to have in my life. 


Here is another deviation from LM's birth story.

When they were done cleaning and checking out LM, which he screamed all the way through, when S brought him over to me, and I spoke to him, he stopped crying immediately. I did not have the same immediate effect on this little boy. Eventually, yes, he did stop crying and seemed to be listening for my voice. But, it took a while sister. He was not going to be deterred from telling the world what he thought about this string of events, even for a chat with his mother. 


You'll notice through all of this, they were still working on me.


Love this one of the baby with both of our hands near him.


OK, here's another procedural change.

So, after the surgery we went back to the prep/recovery room. Previously, with LM, we stayed in this room for a while as they made sure my vitals were good, etc, and then they sent us upstairs and whisked the baby off to the nursery. Now, the nursery comes to the baby - that's right - they did all the nursery check stuff right in the recovery room! In fact, if the pediatrician had not shown up right when we made it upstairs, we would not have been separated from the baby at all that morning. Which, I have to say, was really nice.

The nursery RN had a nursing student with her too.

Which made the whole nursery check more interesting for us as well, because as she went along, she was explaining what she was looking at and for at every step of the check. So, while BB was completely perfect, we had a little insight into why he was so, and what made that the case.



Then it was time to head upstairs.


So, since the pediatrician WAS there right as we arrived, there was about 30 minutes when all the grandparents and LM and us were hanging out in my room, waiting for BB to return. 

It gave us time to answer all of LM's questions about the room.
And what I might be eating.

We also let him open up his big brother present.

Which Grandpa went promptly to work to help assemble.


Then the baby arrived...



And LM met his baby brother.

He is so proud!



Then the grandparents got a turn to check him out!
Nonna and...



Grandpa and...

...Grandma all got a look-see.

Then we took a couple of the new family of four.

Don't forget LM...don't forget LM.

Oh - and Daddy arranged for this hat to be readily available for photo ops...

And we undressed him for a second to show off his little feet...
...which are carbon copies of his Daddy's big feet - complete with a massive big toe.

Then Nana got LM this great doctor outfit.
Which he loved!

Throughout the course of the rest of the day, we had some other visitors too!
Aunt Brooke

Uncle Michael

Aunt Sally and Cousin Cathy


(Uncle Mark), Aunt Kim, Alexandra and Sophia

We had a few other visitors, and a couple of turns of events before we left the hospital, which I'll share in another post sometime soon. I cannot put into words how incredibly blessed and lucky I feel to have turned out with this family of mine. May God continue to bless us beyond measure.

See you soon.


  1. I'm so happy for you! You have a beautiful family!

  2. I understand the blessed part....wonderful daughter and Mom of LM and BB. I cannot express how much it meant to us both to be a part of your delivery. Great visit with you both as well as LM and the part about just loving to look at BB.


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