Sunday, August 8, 2010

He Has Arrived!

Our boy arrived on July 23, 2010 at 1:11pm. I know it is two weeks and two days later, but hey, it's his original due date, so maybe I'm not too late. Ha! (Or it's days or weeks later and it's just now posting to Facebook. Sorry - I have no control over that.)

He weighed seven pounds, four ounces and was nineteen and one quarter inches long, and that was a little over two weeks early. I think he would have been HUGE had he stayed in there to full term! My blood pressure wasn't having any of that though, so he came out early. And, he came out screaming, which on an early baby is a comforting sound. He had APGAR scores of 8 and 9 so he is a healthy little man. Two days after we left the hospital he was gaining weight. We are working on eating well and it seems to be working. We named him Luke and he is perfect. Here are some photos from his birth day - who knows when I'll get further than this in the photos:

Maybe the last photo of just the TWO of us.

S in scrubs, about to become a dad.
Self portrait.

Me in the operating room, behind the curtain where the rest of my body laid.

As you know, I had to have a c-section because of a previous surgery I had two years ago. I learned after the fact that the doctor that delivered the baby confirmed this was the best decision, because at the end of the procedure they did not do a couple of steps they normally perform because of the adhesions from the prior surgery. So it was a good call to go this route. Having a baby by c-section is sort of an out of body experience. They numb you from the chest down with a spinal or epidural. This sort of numbing feels sort of like being numbed at the dentist's office - you can't feel any pain, but you can feel the doctor touching inside your mouth, tugging or drilling. Yep - you can sort of feel the tugging and moving about going on here too...but you can't see anything because the curtain is up. The doctor did call out what was going on the whole time, and told S to stand up and take photos once the baby was most of the way out and screaming at the top of his lungs.

Not for the squeamish...

I know some of you will hate that I posted that photo. Sorry. Just pretend it's on Grey's Anatomy and it's grape jelly. Heh heh. I love that you can see the doctor is smiling during the procedure even behind the mask. He is clearly someone who enjoys his work and was in the moment there with us. Very nice. I know I said I knew I'd get the "boy doctor" and I did, and it all turned out just fine. I actually really liked having him there and through the weekend with us. We learned he is one of the best doctors for a circumcision from the baby nurse, and he was so good and easy to work with as he checked in on me every day. He even wrote orders on day two for the nurses to leave me alone a bit so I could get some rest.


After the Little Man was delivered from my abdomen, S went with him over to the warmer where they weighed him and stamped his feet. The nurse in the OR indicated his feet were large. Who knows. S has large feet and so does my dad, so you know, genetics are on that side for sure. They cleaned him off, gave him his APGAR scores and wrapped him up to come on over and meet me. He screamed through all of this, which as I said before was a comforting sound at this point in the game.

S with the Little Man and me in the operating room.

The nurse said to S, "Take him over to his mama and he will stop crying." So S came over to my head behind the curtain as the doctors continued to work to put me back together. And, sure enough, as soon as I opened my mouth, the Little Man stopped crying. He just looked at me with this overwhelming peace on his little face. He knew immediately who I was. And who S was when he spoke too. It was amazing. We were now parents.

One of the very first photos of just the THREE of us.

Getting acquainted.

Squishy little face.

Daddy and Little Man checking each other out.

We went back to a room for about an hour or so of "recovery" where my meds started to wear off and they made sure we were alright before sending us upstairs to the postpartum floor. We spent time looking at him and reveling in our new found family-hood. The hospital requires "skin on skin" time for much of this period with mother and baby. It best regulates the baby's temperature and gives the baby his first change to breastfeed. It was a very special time for the three of us. Then, it was time to go upstairs to the nursery. We called the grandparents who had been waiting anxiously to see him and told them to meet us upstairs...we were on our way.

Luke in the nursery.

Quite possibly my favorite shot of the day.

Once they brought Luke to the window, the grandparents descended - all four of them - with FOUR cameras. Priceless! You can see we were still hanging there in the hallway too, waiting to go to our room. They didn't get a chance to hold him until an hour or two later in our room, but they got to SEE him here, and boy did they jump at that chance! Grandparents already spoiling him with attention!

Later that evening S's brothers and their families as well as the grandparents got their first shot at holding the boy up close and checking him out. Here are the photos of that time together:

Grandpa Craig




Older cousins Andrew and Alexandra

Aunt Kim and Uncle Mark

Uncle Michael and Aunt Brooke

The new family.

It was a pretty perfect day. It would have only been more perfect if his Indiana Aunts and Uncles and cousins had also been able to all be there to greet him. But, that will have to wait a bit longer!

That night we barely slept. Adrenaline was still in full force. We didn't even calm down to sleep until well after midnight and then the nurses were in all night long checking on me and the Little Man so the next day we were pooped. But we made it. We had several other wonderful visitors while we were in the hospital, which I will do my best to chronicle on another day. For now, this is all I have time for - Little Man is hungry again and I must go!

We are so glad to have him here with us. We cannot fathom, really, that we are a family now. And we have a lot to learn every day. But, it's wonderful. Incredible. Amazing. A fabulous new journey.

See you soon.


  1. these are wonderful, thank you for sharing! S looks like he is about to explode with joy...

  2. God's perfect timing delivered a perfect little baby to a wonderful family. Blessings abound.

  3. He is gorgeous!! You all look so happy. Congratulations!

  4. I'm SO excited for you guys! He is absolutely precious! I love the pictures! Good luck with the next few weeks when you start to get really tired of being tired. You can do it!

    I will be sending something to you soon, so be on the lookout. ;)

  5. Oh my goodness- tears in my eyes! There is just nothing like watching a family begin- isn't it amazing! Thank you for doing this post- you will thank yourself and Luke will thank you in years to come. And now, I officially want a new camera- such beautiful pictures!


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