Sunday, August 29, 2010

State Fair 2010 Update

2010 results letter.

So it happened this past week - I received my letter back from the State Fair of Texas regarding my photo submissions. You will remember my mother mailed them off for me the week before the Little Man was born. I told you about which photos I entered and why here.

And, you will remember last year I received a blue ribbon and a tenth place showing for the two entries, chosen by you. This year I chose two entries myself, largely based on my own likes and dislikes in my photo taking but also based on the feedback I received during last year's excitement.

Sunflower 1
This year's State Fair of Texas 4th Place Photo in the "Flora-close-up" category.

This year, both of the photos I entered into competition received a ribbon - they both placed 4th, also known as "Honorable Mention", in their respective category. Both photos will be on display at the 2010 State Fair of Texas.

The butterfly photo, entered in the very competitive "insect" division.
By writing that sentence, I feel I am now a character in a Christopher Guest movie.
But I digress.

This part - having two photos on display - two photos that received ribbons (only photos that receive ribbons are displayed, to be fair, at the fair. Heh heh) - is the exciting part. And, especially to have the butterfly photo place at all is a real honor. Heck, the whole darn thing should be exciting! But, after last year's euphoria, it's just not the same excitement for me this year. First, it's not the first year. Second, it's not a beginner's luck blue ribbon. And, I think the lack of overall excitement is understandable. It's not brand new. I didn't hype it here on the blog day in and day out. (Heck, I'm not hyping ANYTHING on the blog here day in and day out, am I? Hee hee.) I'm not getting enough sleep these days. My mind is preoccupied on one little boy. But, sister, I'm going to have TWO photos on display at the fair and that's nothing to sneeze at - it's a real honor. I am sure once it sinks in and I see them on display it'll be wham-bang exciting all over again. But for now, I am thrilled to have placed and that's about all I can muster.

That said, I did want to tell you all about it, and I hope if you're taking a meander through the fairgrounds you'll look them up. I appreciate all your encouragement of my crazy little photography habit now and forever!

Of course, when we get to the fair - and we'll be going to the fair - S can't wait to take LM to have his photo taken with Big Tex - when we get to the fair, we'll take photos of the photos and I'll blog about it here. Until then...see you soon!

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