Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Newborn" Photos

Before the Little Man was born, S and I had several conversations, mostly by email, discussing the merits of hiring a photographer to take newborn photos. Let me boil those conversations down for ya. Basically, I wanted to hire someone to do this and S felt I should do it myself.

My argument was I have no actual skills in this area and wanted to make sure we had good memories of the boy at that stage. I researched local photographers. I got recommendations from friends. I was ready to hire someone to be at the ready. S's argument was that I had two very nice cameras and this here photography hobby and well, how hard could it be, I could take the photos.

S won. We did not hire anyone to take newborn photos. Mainly because I was pregnant and tired and never went out to hire someone myself. And, the rub - the real rub - the reason having me take the photos was not the smartest idea - is because I am sleep deprived and - certainly during the first few weeks if not still - am completely overwhelmed and engulfed in the mechanics of becoming and surviving as a parent. In the feedings, sleepings, etc of the boy. This leaves little time to think about high quality photo images.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have images - snapshots, I'd call them - of almost every day of his life. He's a well photographed boy. But, I don't have professional-ish images. And he's almost not newborn-y anymore. Not in a newborn photo way - noodle-y and sleepy and such. So I had to get serious and find a way to make this work. I bought a newborn posing guide which suggests photographing these at 10 days - by this point, he was almost four weeks. I gathered supplies. I waited for him to go into a deep sleep. Days passed. He did go into deep sleeps, you understand, but so did I.

I used Pooh there to set my light levels.

Finally - FINALLY - with my mother's help and then S's for a brief shoot a few days later - finally we got some images I would say turned out alright. First, though, you have to see the outtakes. The newborn guide said to use a beanbag as the base for the sleepy photos and various baskets, etc for other "cute" photos. It said to use rolled up towels to prop the head here and there. It gave other very useful hints and tips. So we tried it out.

Ensuring sleep - getting ready to lie him down.

Outtakes you are sure to understand - the oh my goodness they laid me down in a weird place and now I will wail photos:



Now, just so you know we were not torturing him - he was picked up and coddled at every turn:

Tough life - Nana singing to him.

Taking a model's photo shoot breather.

And here are some of the images I liked from this part of the shoot:

blue hat
Funny, newborn-y face.
I got better with towel roll placement later.
Hat handed down from his cousin Rolen!

in brown basket landscape
So precious.
SO looks like his daddy in this one.
Blanket by Martha Dempsey!

OK - more outtakes. These were taken while he was awake. We were trying to get some posed shots on his arms, etc. Here are the "good" shots first this time:

brn bckgrnd on fists
OK - a little funny, but we got the "pose" in this one.

brn bckgrnd on arms
And, quite possibly my very favorite one of the entire shoot.
Isn't he a beautiful boy?

Now, onto the outtakes - the before and after of those photos...

Fell off the hands...

Lots of posing...

...and gentle re-posing.

But he moved off the pose a lot.
Oh how I wish this one wasn't blurry. Funny face!

Nana was there to catch him!

Sometimes he liked to eat his arm...

...or share his opinion on the matter.

And sometimes the outtakes turned out pretty darn good too!

So you can tell we really had some fun with it once we started going. We wore the boy out taking his photo, that's for sure! Finally, here are a few other poses that turned out cute:

in white basket
In a different basket. Little angel.

in brown basket landscape yawning
Also adorable in this basket.
Blanket by his Aunt Sherri!

grn hat hands in focus
Sweet hands and face.
Hat by his cousin Candy!

close up of side of face
My perfect little boy.

So there you have it - that is it - those are the "newborn" photos we have of the Little Man, and that's all we will have! He is now six weeks old and really in the last week has lost all the remaining "newborn noodle" so we will still have lots of great photos of him, but none like this anymore!

I have some more things to tell you about the Little Man from the past three weeks. I will post that soon! See you then.


  1. well, i think these are all delightful, outtakes or not, and to think, you have much better stories to tell, I'm guessing, than if you'd hired a "pro."

  2. They are all great photos, Amy! Personally, I really love the "wailing" photo, too! :)


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