Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Couple More To Share

Here are a couple more photos from our "newborn" photo shoot I forgot to share last time...these are from the second shoot, so I didn't use them in the birth announcement card because that was already underway. Otherwise, there probably would have been a mixture from both shoots for the announcement. I have them in house, and am trying to get them out the door! I will post it here too, eventually, since some of you I only communicate with electronically and I cannot snail mail one to your doorstep. Anyhoo, here we go:

booties 3
First, the booties.

A colleague of mine from work bought these adorable booties for LM. He was to be a Leo, with a due date of August 8th...and he IS a Leo, born on the VERY FIRST DAY of the sign! was touch and go there for a while that he would indeed stick with that plan. Anyhoo, Valerie saw these adorable lion booties and thought LM should have them. So nice of her! And, they are so photogenic!

Next up, a couple others:

face close up portrait 2
Seriously mom, enough with the photos!

full body 2
Screen test.

That second one was the "screen test" for the future "naked" photos we intended to take when he fell asleep. We were going to take the diaper off, position him so you would not see the jewels - ahem - and get a few sleepy newborn photos. But I was making sure the lighting was alright, the space was big enough for him, the bean bag had a big enough dip in it, etc. The thing is, when he fell asleep, so did I. I had a very nice nap that day. And we didn't get the naked photos.

Funny story about that too - S was holding him before we set him down for this photo. We were talking about taking the "buff" photos, and S started talking to him, asking him if he authorized us to take nude photos of him. And, honest to God, he made this little cooing noise that sounded EXACTLY like he said, "NO!" Funny. We were going to take them anyway. Ha. So perhaps he got the last word.

And, before we go today, a few "candids" from the past few weeks:

A fabulous one of LM and Nana.
We miss Nana. Sniff.

A popular sleeping pose.
Notice, in someone's arms - not in the crib.

His first day wearing jeans - and the bib my mom made him.

Tummy time during one of the weekly quilt photo sessions.

And one of the sweet boy on the changing pad.
Maybe I shared this one before...can't remember.
Brain still has swiss cheese disease.

OK, there you go. More of the hottest topic on the blog these days. Ha. I do, however, have plans to return to some previous blogging topics very soon. Don't, you know, set your watch to it or anything, but I hope to make the posts a little more regular and perhaps filled with photography and food, too, in addition, of course, to more of the scene stealer Little Man. So, stay tuned - but don't hold your breath or anything - for some of that very soon.

See you then.

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