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Nine Weeks Old

So I know technically he is already TEN weeks old by the time I'm getting this post up, but go with the flow. Following is the nine week post. Ahem. It's only one of about TWELVE posts I currently have in the draft stage, but can't seem to get to the "publish" stage. Something about a small infant's needs does not allow me to get them finished. One day...

seven weeks (4)
Seven Weeks on Nana's Quilt

Anyway, as I said, here is the nine week post. Little Man continues to grow and grow and grow. During his ninth week, he had his two month doctor appointment. At that appointment, we learned he now (then) weighed 12 pounds and 15 ounces! Goodness! He's a good eater. He also gained almost an inch and a half in length and his head grew. But the weight was the biggest change, moving him from the 50% to the 75%. I joked with my sister-in-law Brooke it might turn out my kid is the fat one. But, we won't call him fat. We'll call him husky, bless his heart.

A Little Man outfit for the Little Man
With a Little Man Attitude

In the same outfit he wore home from the hospital.
Only now it hardly fits. Jabba the baby, so to speak.

Seriously, it is probably too early to tell anything about this colossal weight gain except that it's all good and it's creating some absurdly adorable thunder thighs. And thunder calves. And cankles. The only time in one's life when cankles are adorable. And it means we are quickly outgrowing anything 0-3 month size. 3-6 month clothes, here we come!

eight weeks (3)
Eight Weeks on Nana's Quilt

Let's see - what else have week been up to - one thing I neglected to mention in the six week post is that LM loves the duck photo, which is hanging above his changing table. It is the photo that won the blue ribbon last year. I had no idea what to do with a photo of rubber ducks until I had a nursery to decorate, and it seems to go alright in there. He gazes up at the ducks and just smiles and coos. It really keeps his attention, and was one of the first things that regularly led to vocalizing. He still loves the ducks and looks forward to checking them out when we change his diaper.

My sweet boy.

He is also still enamored with ceiling fans and window blinds, but now he is also very interested in faces. The inanimate objects are cool and all, but people's faces are the best. He is especially fond of mommy and daddy's faces, and will smile with abandon at us if we have walked away for a moment. He also will follow us throughout a room if someone else is holding him. He locks in on where we are and what we are doing while we are not holding him. This is a completely enduring quality of his, for certain.

Chillin' - and looking more like Daddy every day.

two months
Two months on the quilt.

Also on the quilt, just a different angle.

Showing off his battle scars from the shots.
Brave boy! Also shown - those thunder thighs!

Little Man enjoys it when you talk to him and play with rattles and other small toys with him. He likes to look at and hear the different objects. If you sit and talk with him, he will try to mimic your facial expressions. He LOVES it when you stick out your tongue. He will do likewise to copy you. He also likes it when you "cluck" your tongue after he does it, like you're copying him. So cute. His smiles are the absolute best, so of course, whatever he likes, we do it!

Checking out the mobile.

"Talking" to the fabric.

He has recently found his mobile above his bed and will sit and watch it for several minutes at a time with amazement. He is also quite fond of the pattern on his crib bedding. Sadly, that will be coming out soon, since he's starting to move around a bit in his sleep. So, no more pattern for him for now!

Love this one.

In the bumbo.

We have tried sitting in the bumbo seat, and he likes that for a little while. He is still not completely secure in it, but will continue to like it more as he has more control of his upper body. Note to the parents out there - don't leave your child in a bumbo unattended! It is not safe to sit them there without watching them the whole time! My pediatrician shared this with us - he has seen broken legs from children who were left unattended in a bumbo and fell over. So, don't do it. OK, that's my public service announcement for this post.

We visited Daddy at work.

Speaking of upper body strength, Little Man pushes up pretty good when on his tummy and he holds his head up so well many strangers think he is three months old instead of two. He also likes to "stand up" on his legs in your lap and push away with his legs in the bathtub and anytime he has something to push off from.


He likes to ride in the car, but if he is getting a little bit tired, he doesn't like it when you stop. So, a regular drive through town will be a series of crying fits followed by complete contentedness when the wheels begin to roll again. It's as if he thinks you stopped his ride. And, I guess, well, you did! It's easy to know when he finally dozes off, though. It's when the fits of rage at the stoplight cease.

His hair and eyebrows are filling in more.

Speaking of getting tired, the "fussiness" that is a prelude to sleep in babies of this age is getting less. He still gets fussy before he goes to sleep but it's a shorter period of time, which is nice. His left eye's tear duct still gunks up, but the doctor says that is not a big deal until much later. So we massage it twice a day as we have been instructed to do. He "throws up" a bit after he eats, but a normal amount, and the doctor says, nothing to be alarmed about. I really like LM's doctor. He doesn't mind any of the silly questions I ask him. I am sure he answers them hundreds of times each week but he acts like it is totally normal and fine to ask. Then he answers you in a very thorough, analytical way, which I appreciate.

I'm not sure he's so excited about the chair prop...

LM is still not a huge proponent of sleeping in his crib during the day, but he is also getting better at this little by little. He is still a great sleeper at night, usually going six hours at one stint. This will help when Mama goes to work again in two short weeks.

nine weeks (1)
Nine weeks on Nana's quilt.

I will update you again on the little guy at twelve weeks - right before I return to work. Until then, I will soak up every last minute with my fella. And, take a trip to Indy! So, more later.

See you soon.

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  1. Love the pics, love him. Perhaps you could include a 1 wk next to a 12 wk photo on the quilt so we can see the comparison in the next LM blog?


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