Thursday, October 21, 2010

Twelve Weeks Old

It's hard to believe my baby was twelve weeks old last Friday! Almost three months! Barely yet a "newborn". And still a bundle of love! Here is the next post on our progress. To catch up on the last post, click here.

ten weeks (1)
Ten weeks old on Nana's quilt.

He sleeps in his crib during the day now! Success! Nice long naps, easy to go down, etc. He is still sometimes fussy before he goes to sleep, but not for long. He prefers, however to sleep on his tummy, which they will not allow until he turns over for himself at daycare... so he will have to adapt.

I love this one.

One thing I sometimes do is make a "ohhh, so sad" sound to console him when he cries and let him know I feel for him. One day during week ten S tried to mimic this action while I was in the other room. He, however, did it so loudly in a falsetto voice that it sounded like pterodactyls had landed in our den. If Little Man had WANTED to sleep, there is no way it would have happened. I have to give him a big ol' A for effort, but it made me CRACK UP in the other room.

In an outfit from his Great Great Aunt Jeannie.

Little Man has also increased his love of little toys. He likes to suck on Sophie the giraffe's head. He likes to "hold" the toys, and bring them close to his mouth if he actually gets a good grip. One "toy" that is easy for him to capture is a silk handkerchief. We have a set of these from my cousin Candy, who knows a thing or two about little boys with two herself. He can easily grab one of those and shake it all around. He likes that a lot.

REALLY excited about camo day.
Or camo moment until the next blowout.

He has increased his drooling, and his waist size. Of course, three month old babies are some of the rolliest, polliest around, since they eat but still don't move around too much. He fits into this category. We will baptize him this weekend, and the outfit will just fit.

"Participating" in cousin Sophia's baptism...
I'll tell you more about that one day on the blog...

A little about my state of being. I love being a mom. But, it has its lifestyle changes. I no longer have pretty toes. Thank goodness cooler weather is upon us! The downside to that, however, is that my feet grew while pregnant just enough that all my shoes are a tad uncomfortable. I am trying to find some replacements, but as of this writing have only tennis shoes and black loafers to my name that fit. Before it got colder, I could sneak wearing the sandals in my closet, since my toes stuck out. It limits the number of outfits I can wear to work because I don't have shoes to match!

eleven weeks (3)
Eleven weeks on Nana's quilt.

Also, I spend a great deal of time feeding the boy. Now that I am back at work, I take two short breaks a day to pump out food for the boy. I tried breastfeeding to see how it would go. It was HARD, sister, at first. Very, very hard. And, another downside is it is all on you, pretty much, to wake with the babe at all hours to feed him. But, it has worked out for us and it is now so easy to feed him. No bottles to make or warm. (Until this week...) And I have managed to make an abundant supply for him. And, I have to say, I enjoy it. I really do. It is a special thing that I can do to feed my baby. It gives me "downtime" each day (and night...ahem) to spend with him and bond. Or, if he is semi-sleeping, to catch up on my emails or read a book. I have to say when I think about the day when I no longer breastfeed this baby, it makes me sad! It will be hard to give it up. It has turned out to be a wonderful thing for us. And now I am trying to make the transition to working, pumping mom. Pumping is not the most fun thing to do at work. We'll see how it goes - I hope it continues to be a blessing.

While in Indiana...I'll tell you about that on another day right here.
Great trip.

Speaking of reading, my bookshelf has made a few changes. I've read Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, two books on being a working, breastfeeding mother. (One, called the Milk Memos, I highly recommend to anyone in this boat.) I have also read Get Me Out, a history of childbirth through the ages, Anne Lamott's journal of her son's first year called Operating Instructions, and numerous books on raising your child up right. I am sure it will ensure I still screw my kid up just as much as the next person.

So far being back at work has been good. I really enjoy being back and the work that I do. I enjoy the people I work with and the environment. Heck, I even enjoy not being quite as physically tired as you are after being with a baby all day. But of course I miss said baby terribly. I'm so glad to see him at the end of the day, and I think he's glad to see me too. He's such a sweet boy and such a blessing to me. And I am sure the eternal balance every working mom searches for will get better for me. We will find our rhythm and it will be alright. It's been so nice for my mom to be here to help with the transition. This first week he has been at home with her. Next week we ramp up to daycare. I am pleased with the care we have found for him, and I know it will be a good experience for him. He will love it. Mama will have to adapt...

twelve weeks (10)
He is pushing up that head big time now!

Let's see - more about the boy. He is trying so hard to sit up. Seriously - he pulls up with his stomach muscles. He can't do it, but he wants to do it SO BAD. And when he has tummy time he moves those legs so fast - once he can figure out how to go, WATCH OUT! He'll be GONE!

twelve weeks
Twelve weeks on Nana's quilt.

He talks and coos even more these days. And my mom says he even did a belly laugh this week. (A week thirteen accomplishment...) I can't wait to hear that one. He still loves blinds and ceiling fans and his mobile. He now also likes the "aquarium" in his crib, though, and looking intently at new objects. He still likes music and movement and snuggles.

one week to twelve weeks
As requested, one week and twelve week collage.

As I mentioned, we will baptize him this weekend, and he will also cross over the threshold of three months, out of newborn baby land and into just being my sweet infant son. I love him to pieces. I'll tell you more about all of those accomplishments another time...when I have a moment to sit down at the computer and type.

See you soon.


  1. love the post, I wish I were as good with words as you are. hope this past week went well for you. and I must say I agree with you on the breastfeeding thing, it is wonderful, wouldn't trade it for the world. can't wait to see LM on Sunday.....

  2. He's so adorable, Amy! I will tell you that at the end of breastfeeding both my boys it was a little sad. I, like you, completely enjoyed that time with each of them and was sad to leave that stage.


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