Monday, October 4, 2010

A Photo Shoot for Kate

So Baby Katherine's mom (and my sister-in-law) Brooke and I tried to use the same newborn guide I downloaded for taking photos of LM to take photos of her. The upside of this attempt was she was right about the target age for such photos. The downside for us was baby Kate decided to be WIDE AWAKE during the time period we chose to try to snap some shots. That notwithstanding, we were able to get a couple of cute ones, so I thought I would share them here with you:

favorite 11
Squirrely newborn naked shot.

This one worked out alright - I do think she was awake, but just momentarily shut her eyes. These are the shots I never got of Little Man. So I'm glad it worked out to get a couple of little Katherine.

favorite 9
So sweet.

She was also awake here. I include this photo to remind myself and all of you that Amateur is darn well the most important thing to remember about my photography...I was using the window light, but this photo would have been better had I also put some studio light on the subject. Oh well. Sorry Kate. You look mahhhvelous anyway.

favorite 8
Hereby proving the awake-ness.
Again, should have added more light.

favorite 7
Tiny hand...

favorite 6
...tiny feet.
Look - no cankles yet! Give her a few weeks. ;-)

favorite 5
Another pose, with the studio lights.

This was the first round of this pose. I had a pillow underneath the blanket that we had used with Little Man. Turns out - oh yeah, remember - that Katherine is much smaller than LM was when we photographed him. Her neck looks a little uncomfortable, no? We removed that pillow in favor of smaller towel rolls in the second try at this pose.

favorite 4
She is saying to us here, "I will NOT go to sleep."

favorite 3
Bird mouth. A family newborn favorite pose.

favorite wo diaper
And my absolute favorite.
Caught you looking asleep anyway, baby!

So, while Katherine kept us on our toes, we were able to get a couple of fun shots, I think. And again it was fun taking them. Always easier when I am not the one with the ten day old child. Ha! Brooke and Katherine both did a great job of trying and being patient with this amateur. We might try it again sometime - you never know.

See you soon.

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  1. Very sweet... you DID get some good ones.



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