Thursday, October 7, 2010

Easy Photo Collages!

So long ago I told you about Picnik. You can make photo collages there, some for free. Now I want to tell you about Shape Collage! There is also an absolutely free version of this software too! I was so enamored by it, however, that I paid the one time low price to purchase the full version.

Here is what this software can do - it can take bundles of your photos and turn them into a photo collage. And, that collage can be different shapes - even words. And, if you get the full version, it is fully editable in Photoshop. Here are some examples I threw together in a matter of minutes.

heart collage
The heart collage - one of the shapes available - displays photos from our wedding.

baby collage
This one is a collection of pregnancy photos before LM was born.

first month small file
And this one? Well this one is a bit absurd.

That one includes every photo taken of the Little Man from birth to one month. Absurdity abounds. In the fact we took that many photos. Also that I chose to see if the program would make a collage with over a thousand photos. But, they are all there. Check them out. Ha! I do think, as I am sure you can ascertain, that a few less photos would probably make a more meaningful collage. Ahem.

Here are a couple with only a smattering of photos. These are made with my "favorites" from the newborn photo shoot:

collage circle
If I were really serious about this one, I would space them out a bit more.
This is the "circle" shape.

collage l
Here I told the program to put the photos in an "L" shape.
You know, for Little.

The program allows you to make a high res or low res photo, depending on whether you are planning to print it or post it online, for example. It also has lots of personalized settings for the digital photo guru where you can override the automatic defaults in favor of your own flavor of digital-ness. Me - I go with auto whenever I can. Ha.

Anyhoo, I thought it was a pretty cool little program. Check it out for yourself!

As for me and my baby, we're leaving on a jet plane today. Can't wait to make it to Indy! We'll miss S while we're there, but will be so busy meeting Midwestern relatives, it will keep is preoccupied. And it's a short visit. Wish us luck with the plane flying! I'll tell you about it when we get back and I have a moment to compose.

See you soon.

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