Friday, October 8, 2010

An Absurd Proposition

While we are in Indy soaking up all the Midwestern hospitality we can muster, I thought you might like to see what we did last week with our Dallas cousins. Last week's adventure in absurdity was to take all five Dallas cousins - all under the age of three, three of them under five months - to the Dallas Arboretum for a photo shoot. Yea. Uh-huh. We did. And here are the photos to prove it.

I should first say that LM and I were late to the party, which probably increased the irritability of the older two when we got to the "all five" photos. I was doing good. We were up on time. We had everything near the door. I didn't put his sweater on him right away to prevent it going the way of so many outfits - worn only a few moments before ruined by spit up or poop. We headed out, only to be about five minutes late, which I would have called a wash. But, then, as I arrived at the Arboretum, I realized the one thing I forgot - LM's sweater - because I left it near the changing table to put on at the last minute. So we had to drive back home to get it. Thus, we were about thirty minutes late. To entertain the kids, and because they are so cute, they took some photos of the older ones while waiting on me. the time we got to the group shot, they had already had enough, and it was pretty much all my fault.

LM, on the other hand, seemed quite content during the entire shoot. Each of the other children had their own little meltdown or just didn't feel like minding, but Little Man sat there, belly out for the world to see, completely content. Next time, one of the others will be the content one and Little Man will scream his head off, I am sure.

I should say, before we get going here, that the weather was FABULOUS this day. And it has been fabulous for a while now here in Dallas. And we are loving it. Makes all those 100 degree days worth it. OK, maybe not. But, we'll take it.

One of the "good" ones.

There are the five children in question. Big Alexandra, rear, was DONE with photos. Cutie pie Andrew, foreground, found the Arboretum to be a very interesting place indeed and wanted to explore it. Forget sitting down for photos! The two babies that are near the Little Man both felt irritable about being placed on a pile of pumpkins. No one - NOT ONE is really looking at the camera.

Reposition. Reposition.

Reposition. Comfort. Reposition.
Notice LM over there. Like Buddha with that belly.

Oh yes, MUCH better. Right.
And with shadows.

And with ever more irritable children.

The shadows are my fault. I wanted us to try a sunny location. It just wasn't working out, though, in oh so many ways. However, the three mommies were undaunted by this turn of events! We moved the children to a shady place and tried again.

Only we didn't get too far.
Check out LM checking out Kate. Or Kate's Mommy. Funny.

Priceless. But not in a GOOD way...

Meanwhile...well, you get the picture, don't you!
Even though we did NOT get THE picture. Ha!

Some more from that day:

Katherine and Little Man.
Little Man is showing some concern about something.

Then, this is funny.
When Kate would cry, LM started doing this.
I'm not kidding.

Katherine, saying, "Peace out!"

The three babies again.
Why does my son look like he uses eyebrow pencil?

All this picture taking can wear a boy out!

One more attempt at the three baby photo.
Sophia was not feeling it. LM was still chillin'.

Will you LOOK at that BELLY!

You thought we gave up?
Um, no. We tried AGAIN.

Yeah. We finally got the message.

So, I am sure we will try this fiasco again. MANY times. But I am not sure we will ever get THE photo we are looking for. But we'll have fun trying.

See you soon.

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  1. I think those are so cute, even though you didn't get THE picture you wanted. You'll look back over the years and laugh. I too tried to take my kiddos pictures together on the pumpkins at the arboretum this week and failed. There's too much to look at (other people, pumpkins, hay) for the 2 little ones to focus. So, I got a good one of each individually and figure I'll try again next year. I've learned to not expect too much when taking their pictures and then when I get a great one, it makes it much sweeter. Hopefully I can remember that when family Christmas picture time rolls around.

    I hope you are having a great time with your Indy family!


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