Thursday, April 24, 2014

His Favorite Part

He chose this outfit one day recently all by himself, without prodding.
No superheroes or firemen - there is hope.

So we've been having a bit of a time of it with ol' LM the last few weeks. It is all part of becoming an older brother, or being almost 4, I'm sure, but it's been trying and a learning curve for the parents. Of course, this boy - and this blog proves it if nothing else does - this boy has been the center of our hearts and lives since before his birth. And now, he has to share that time and energy. 

This might look like a sweater vest to you. 
To LM, it's a basketball jersey. 

A ham and a half, as we know

The good thing is, he doesn't seem to equate any of it to the baby - he loves the baby - constantly wanting to talk about the baby, hug or kiss the baby, or help with the baby. He does however understand he is not getting as much attention from Mom and Dad. I have to admit there have been more raised voices in our house than I wish. And, we've been trying lots of other angles to mitigate this. We've been trying to give him uninterrupted one-on-one time. We have tried using the count to three again, which worked so well when he was a bit younger, and we have started taking away privileges when behavior doesn't match what it needs to be, and giving privileges for good behavior. We have also been trying to praise even the slightest good behavior. We have tried managing our own behavior and expectations. All of this has worked - sometimes.

A recent day at the zoo with Dad

Enjoying some ice cream recently at the Ft. Worth arts festival

Now, all of this is minor at best - not doing what he has been told to do - or going as slow as molasses to get it done. That's about it. He hasn't harmed himself or others. He isn't committing scary or illegal acts. He is just not following instructions in normal daily life, which is frustrating to us. And, really, he must learn that he does have to follow requests from authority figures before he hits "real" school here in over a year. So, we keep trying.

It's blurry, but this is one of his Power Ranger get-ups - 
re-purposed toys used as "weapons"

Pushing the grocery cart that is his size at Trader Joe's 

But, he is still, with his brother, and in between being a little booger who isn't listening, the sweetest, cutest, smartest little one. And this is, four paragraphs in, what this blog post is supposed to be about. For the last couple of weeks, after the 4ish a.m. feeding, I have often relocated to the recliner in the boy's room to finish up the night. This has been for several reasons - first, it was because the baby caught our cold and he was stopped up, and holding him upright helped this. Second, he is sometimes gassy, and by that time of night, sometimes the feeding takes a while and it's more comfortable to eat/sleep through that in the chair. And, sometimes, I'm just awake and a change of scenery helps. 

LM and BB

At the dentist

After a few nights of this, LM woke up and noticed us in the chair. So, along with BB and I, he climbed into the chair as well. This meant we had one very full recliner - I'm quite sure we are over the recommended maximum weight. But, he wanted to be there and I have sort of a thing where I don't argue or start new rules in the middle of the night - if adjustments need to be made, we'll do it when we are all awake. So, into the chair he comes, and we all get comfortable. Really, we do. I didn't mind it much - we all find a spot and keep sleeping. 

Learning the joy of a tire swing

So this has been happening for a number of nights. And the other night, LM climbed up, got under the throw blanket, snuggled up to the side of me without a baby, and I put my arm around him. And that is when he said, "This is my favorite part". 

And that is when my heart melted.

Thank you, LM, for reminding me of my favorite part too. This hiccup in behavior will pass, but my (and your) favorite part will still be there. Love you to pieces.

Such a big boy

See you soon.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First Soccer Experience


So, this spring LM has been on his first soccer team! We signed him up through the local YMCA, and so far he is having fun. The "season" began the Saturday after BB was born, which we thought was good timing - something new and a distraction from the baby. There is a new coordinator of all of this at the Y this spring, and things came in rather late - and somehow LM was put on a team that is older than he is - he is one of the two or three 3 year olds on the team - the rest of the team is mostly 5 - a couple of 4's. It is co-ed, as you will see.


You can see how much taller the other kids are...

The fan base

The coach is great - he's a good communicator with the parents and he's not too uptight about what they are doing - they are learning the basic rules of soccer and having fun, and that is all. I love this about him. There is no reason it needs to be anything else at this point! He sent out an email asking what number the kids wanted on their jerseys - somehow this went awry for us - we were at the hospital still, having just had BB, and thought we requested #25, which is what LM said he wanted. When the shirts came in, not only was LM #1, there is ANOTHER #1. Oh well - best laid plans...



Coach Keith rallying the troops

BB and I haven't made it to a game yet - we plan to make it this weekend. But, S and LM have been going to every practice and game. S has taken all of these photos!




The main goal of this kind of soccer - especially at LM's age - is to get down the basics - kick, don't use your hands, keep the ball in bounds, and send it to the right goal. There is one girl on LM's team that consistently scores for the other team. All the time. Details.





They practice once a week - it's been rained out a couple of times. So, you know, they practice when they can. At these practices, there is another team of the same age that takes this time of theirs very seriously. S says the are doing drills the whole time, up and down the field, and seem to know what they are doing. At the same time, our team is working on listening skills - learning each other's names and such. This led S to term LM's team the "Bad News Bears" of soccer. 





Couple this with the fact that sometimes LM is using the line markers as a hat, putting parts of the practice goal on his feet, and running into the bleachers instead of sitting where they are supposed to sit when they are out of the game, the verdict is certainly still out on whether this is the sport for him. For now, he plays hard when he's in and he's having a grand old time. And that's all that matters. 




See you soon.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One Month Old


Last week - a week ago today - the BB turned one month old. As I am sure you can imagine, I am behind in my posts - I have a ton of things to get up, and one day that will happen. Today, I'll try to get a post up about BB being one month old.

The quilt Nana made for BB! 
So cute!

One week on Nana's quilt

Of course LM has to be part of the quilt photos!






What do we know about this child? He has a very sweet disposition, usually. The only things that get him going are, in no particular order - gas, being hungry, trying to get him to sleep on his own in the cradle, and changing his diaper. The last one - not that he wants his diaper changed - the actual act of changing the diaper is what he doesn't like. Other than these items, he is a mellow fellow, just like his brother was at this age.

Two weeks on Nana's quilt



He does seem to be gassier - and in fact, week before last - the week before he turned one month old - we had a series of events that caused us to be concerned. His belly got VERY distended, and he wasn't pooping regularly. The pediatrician sent us to the children's emergency room for an abdominal x-ray to check for twists or telescoping in his intestines. All negative. So, then the pediatrician consulted with a pediatric gastroenterologist, and we went back to the children's hospital for a children's version of a barium enema.




This was to rule out a genetic disorder called hirschsprung's disease. This test was also negative, and it was now the weekend. We were to watch him over the weekend (we had some techniques to help with the pooping and the distension had gone down quite a bit) and if all was the same, go see the pediatric gastroenterologist on Monday. Thankfully, he started pooping like a champ over the weekend! And, his regular doctor, at his one month appointment last week, feels he probably had a lot of gas and a little constriction that was fixed with all those procedures. Everyone seems to agree we are over this issue! Yay! And, this is when you know you are a parent - when you write an entire paragraph about pooping and it doesn't even seem strange. Ahem.

At the hospital - IV still in, but procedures over - little grin



Every once in a while, the baby boy looks up at me and looks happy to have me there - when he has been with other people, he looks relieved to have me back when I take him into my arms. And, from time to time, he rewards us with a smile - I don't even care if it's real or not. See previous paragraph.

Three weeks old on Nana's quilt



Let's see - he flops his head around a lot - lifts it to look around, and helps reinforce his rooting when he is ready to eat. He doesn't mind "tummy time" at all. He really seems to love seeing and listening to his big brother, and the Little Man seems to finally be getting how fragile his is and how to handle him. In fact, I was trying to get a shower in this morning, and toward the end of this endeavor, BB started getting fussy. I asked LM to come by and "talk to him" to see if that would distract him enough for me to finish. LM comes in and says, "Good Morning buddy, how are you today?" And then, "Do you like SMU football?" When he started fussing, LM said, "It's OK, you'll like it when you get a little bit older" and then starts singing to him. It was so cute to me, and so precious.

One month on Nana's quilt






Since he doesn't like (won't) sleep in the cradle on his own and I do in fact need some amount of sleep, I usually put him down between us, no pillows around, etc - in our king size bed. He has plenty of room there to lie flat and be safe. However, he turns on his side and starts ooching closer to me almost immediately - until we are touching. So, I have started just holding his hand in an attempt to keep him further away from my bedding and happy and safe. And, sleeping - so I can sleep too!


I am once again breastfeeding - and this child is not on any kind of a schedule yet. I feel as if LM got on a schedule sooner. Maybe he didn't. But this one - he wants to eat every 2 hours - around the clock. I pray he starts to spread these feedings out soon. For my sanity, and for our ability to get on a really good schedule before I go back to work and actually have to function in society...details.


He still has blondish hair and blue eyes - who knows if they will stay, but for now, they are beautiful. Of course, they are beautiful in any color. We are totally in love and so glad he is growing and is a healthy beautiful boy.

See you soon.