Saturday, August 16, 2014

Poor Neglected Blog


Oh my, oh me, oh my. I have fallen so behind here. And I don't have a really good excuse why. Life. That's what. But, the reason I like to keep this up is so I can sort of chronicle life, so I'm not doing so hot right now. Quickly, with hopefully more to follow soon, here is a snapshot update of what has happened in our lives since my last post on June 4th:

 - LM played a season of t-ball

 - BB was baptized

 - BB is almost 6 months old

 - We went on our annual excursion to Colorado where Mommy worked and the boys played

 - S got a new job!!!!!!

 - That job is in the Chicago-Milwaukee region

 - I have left my job after almost ten years, and am home full time for at least six months

 - LM turned 4, and we had a whiz bang party to celebrate

 - As part of those festivities, my dad and Torchy, as well as nieces Cora and Veda came for a visit

 - We "decluttered" our house and then this very talented woman "staged" it to look fabulous and like no one lived in it

 - We listed our house in Dallas

 - We sold our house in Dallas on the same day it was listed

 - S started his new job

 - We traveled to Chicago to look at the area and try to find a home

 - We took a short jaunt to Indy between looking for houses in Chicago. That'll now be about a four hour drive

 - We are getting quotes on moving by the end of this month to a corporate apartment until we have a house

 - We are saying lots and lots and lots of good-byes

 - And some other things I'm forgetting right now, but I am sure were also significant, if I were to remember them.

And none of this is made up. Ha! We've been busy. Life altering busy. And clearly there is a lot to talk about here. So, more to come.

See you soon.